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Miscellaneous Assorted Items

Just as people don't fit into "molds," these products are difficult to categorize. Below, you'll find yard signs, magnets for stickers, jewelry, patches, license plate frames, flags, hats, ribbon-shaped magnets, rubber stamps, an engraved wooden cutting board, small labels to put on envelopes, checks and postcards, boxes to store, display and sell buttons, suction cups to hold and display stickers or signs inside vehicle or shop or home windows, and various other accessories.

WREATH-PS.jpg Wreath: Peace Sign
17" diameter hand-woven vine wreath. No two alike!
Our most popular gift item, this unique hand-made peace wreath welcomes guests in the spirit of peace and love all year 'round, or display during the holiday/winter solstice season. We include a free Peace Sign Wreath button (product code: PSW) with each wreath.
• Click on product name for more information . . .

PSW.gif Small Labels: Peace Sign Wreath/set of 100
1.5" Round Paper Labels • 5 sheets of twenty labels per sheet (100 total)
Use on holiday cards and envelopes, as well as year-round. Hand them out at events, put on gift boxes, bags, postcards.

CD-TT-PM.jpg CD: The People's Music
$17.00 $12.00 On Sale!
by political rap/hip-hop artist Tha Truth • 2008 • 19 tracks
"Tha Truth" is a conscious, political hip hop artist, poet and raptivist known around the Philadelphia area for battling imperialism, inequality, corruption and discrimination. He has performed in countless venues at concerts, colleges, demonstrations, conferences and benefits. This album was heavily influenced by Howard Zinn's classic best-selling book "A People's History of the United States (from 1492 to Present)" On this CD, Tha Truth sums up the suppressed real history of the U.S., alerting listeners to the most critical issues. Every track can be played in the classroom; there's no obscene, sexist, racist or homophobic language. The material is articulate, informed eloquent and inspiring.

• To listen to tracks from the CD, go to: www.myspace.com/thanonconformists

Through his complex, impressive rhyme patterns he describes how these issues go back through time, and offers specific ways to fix them. He takes on bigotry, poverty, pollution, corporate privatization of resources, workers' rights, U.S. health care, corporate media, military recruitment, the poverty draft, the death penalty, immigrant rights, the prison-industrial complex, U.S. foreign policy/empire, New Orleans recovery efforts, homophobia and so much more.
• Click on title for more info . . .

CD-MOTM.jpg CD: The Mis-Education of the Masses
$17.00 $12.00 On Sale!
by political rap/hip-hop artist Tha Truth • 2010 • 1 hour, 11.5 minutes
Tha Truth is a conscious/political underground hip hop artist and "rap-tivist" (rapper-activist) known around the Philadelphia area for battling inequality, poverty, discrimination, and injustice. He has performed in countless venues at concerts, colleges, demonstrations, conferences, and benefits. Since 2006 Tha Truth has released three critically acclaimed underground political rap albums that attack the forces that maintain the status quo.
mix: truth, revolution, struggle, the red pill from the matrix, V for Vendetta, fightclub, the spirits of Bob Marley, Howard Zinn, and George Carlin, then add the Simpsons, the Boondocks, and fighting the system, and cook for 60 minutes.
"Tha Mis-Education of the Masses" was released on May 19th 2010 (Malcolm X's birthday). Tha Truth chose this release date purposely to honor freedom fighters Malcolm X and also Harvey Milk (whose birthday is May 22nd). This CD expands on the themes of equality and justice as his previous projects, while adding substantial doses of sarcastic wit, mind bending and humorous metaphors, and a variety of diversified beats comprised from Middle Eastern live percussion/drums, native flutes, acoustic and rock guitar, reggaeton, and a lot of the lost arts of DJ scratching and mixing.
• Click on the title for more information . . .

CD-CRM2.jpeg CD: The Civil Rights Movement Part 2 - by Tha Truth
$18.00 $12.00 On Sale!
2006 • Audio CD • artist: Tha Truth
His first CD release, this underground paved the way for his subsequent albums. Tha Truth combines archival original audio sound clips from real people with his original spoken word and music to create a living audio people's history. Here are the tracks: 1. Public Address Intro featuring Martin Luther King Jr. 2. The Camden 28 Intro featuring Howard Zinn 3. The Camden 28 4. Ralph Nader On The System 5. Universal Healthcare 6. Popular Music Today 7. The Real News 8. Intelligence (The CIA) 9. Origin of Religion 10. Free Your Mind 11. We Need Peace (Featuriung Lady JAM ) 12. Equality 13. What They Don't Want You 2 Know 14. The Real News (remix) 15. Global Warming 16. It's Time (Part 1) 17. Take My Advice 18. Keys 2 A Better World 19. Outside the Box 20. Words From Pam Africa 21. Solutions 22. End of The Newark March 23. F Bush (Remix) 24. Its Time (Club Mix) by DJ Filthy Rich 25. Bring The Troops Home

CD-TT-MFBW.jpeg CD: Music For A Better World - Tha Truth
$17.00 $10.00 On Sale!
by political artist Tha Truth • 2013 • 22 tracks.
The latest of four music CDs we carry by political activist and singer/songwriter Tha Truth. We don't carry music , but his work stands out as so unique, so positive, and it's so hard-to-find elsewhere. You won't find it on YouTube. Incisive, insightful, poetic and unlike so much else in music. It's music distilled from the reality of life in these United States at this time in history. Tha Truth gets to the best in us, in the worst of times. The album title is what it's all about: Music for a better world. This artist deserves the recognition he doesn't get, because in the business of the music industry, challenging the way the world works is rarely well-received or even heard by very many. You can be one more catalyst for change by playing this music. Link to it on your blog, Facebook page or website; get it played on your local college, community or commercial radio station. Send the CD to a D.J. you know and like. Spread the word. It's music to make this world a better place. His best yet.
• Click on album title at the top to see the track listings.

LPF-WPS.gif License Plate Frame: Work For Peace And Social Justice
$4.00 $3.00 On Sale!
From our friends at the Committee Opposed to Militarism and the Draft (COMD) in San Diego comes this license plate frame with white lettering screenprinted on 100% Recycled durable black plastic. Union made in the U.S.
Lg.BNR-9RPF.jpg Banner: Rainbow Peace Flag String
$49.00 $37.00 On Sale!
9 hand-batiked panels, each measuring 11" wide by 9" long, made of 100% rayon, sewn together on a cord. Each banner is an individually made art piece, not printed by machines. The designer, artist Amara Wahaba Karuna, works for fair trade relations with small family shops where each banner is batiked, hemmed and sewn onto the cord. The vibrant colors are made using permanent dyes. This vibrantly beautiful, brightly colored banner is over 10 feet long. "Peace" is written in 7 languages: English, Arabic, Chinese, Sansrit, Russian, Latin and Hebrew. Ideal for display outdoors or indoors, at home, on holiday, at events, vigils, demonstrations, services.
Quantity   1 - 3     4+  
Price $37.00 $35.00
4 or more $35 each

BANNER-PEACEmini.jpg Banner: Mini Rainbow Peace Flags on String
Similar to the banner above, this smaller version has seven - 7" square flags. This compact "mini" version of the banner shown above has seven flag panels -sewn together on a string. This more compact version is more versatile because t can be displayed in many smaller places. The brilliant, hand-batiked banner also uses permanent dyes. It is $12 less than the full-size version, and about half the length (5.5 feet long).

Designed by Amara Karuna in Hawaii and introduced in July 2009. This smaller size can easily be displayed above and behind a standard six-foot long table, or displayed in a small dorm room, on a deck, in an office, cubicle or classroom. It also will fit nicely strung across the inside of a car, truck, camper, RV or minivan.

Magnetic Bumpersticker Backing
Magnetic Bumpersticker Backing
Add magnetic backing any bumpersticker you get from now on. The sticker adheres onto the magnet and the magnet mounts on your car. When it's on the vehicle it isn't doesn't look different than any other sticker. Now you can quickly remove bumper stickers and switch them to different vehicles. Display different stickers at different times for different reasons. Take stickers off any time you want. As easy to change as wearing a button. This adds a whole new dimension to displaying your views. It also lets you put them on a rental vehicle, so you can be as opinionated in a rened car as in your own. You can even tag that U-Haul truck you rent for a day.
• Our 3 & 3/4" x 15" heavy duty (.035 mil thick) flexible magnetic material will hold any size sticker or decal.
• The material can be easily trimmed to any size or shape with scissors. Sturdy grip will not come off at any speed.
Now change your stickers easier than you change your oil! We recommend you take the magnetic stickers off before going through a car wash; the high-pressure water could blow them off.
NOTE: It's also a good idea to remove magnetic-backed bumperstickers every 3 to 4 weeks because dust and dirt can build up along the edge and work its way under the magnetic material. Temperature extremes of hot and cold can make the magnetic material difficult to remove if left on a vehicle for a longer length of time than a month.

coffee.jpg Whole Bean Organic Fair Trade Peace and Justice Coffee - 1 Pound Bag
WBOFTC-16oz. • Certified Organic, fair trade and kosher "Peace and Justice Coffee", a Donnelly/Colt Progressive Resources Special Blend, from Dean's Beans™ the premier small, progressive coffee importer and roaster in the Northeast. This is an especially delicious special blend of full-bodied Sumatran arabica and robust beans. 16 oz. re-sealable package of fresh whole beans.
After years of research and disappointment, Dean's Beans has finally been able to ditch standard foil bags fort their new OMNIDEGRADABLE bag!
Remove the valve and tin clasp and dispose of the bag in a Microbially Active Environment, such as your home composite (or your kid's gym locker!) It can slo be tossed in your garbage, too. But it IS now compostible!

coffee.jpg GROUND Organic Fair Trade Peace & Justice Ground Coffee 1 Pound Bag
GOFTC-16oz. • GROUND COFFEE Certified Organic, fair trade and kosher "Peace and Justice Coffee", a Donnelly/Colt Progressive Resources Special Blend, from Dean's Beans™ the premier small, progressive coffee importer and roaster in the Northeast. This is an especially delicious special blend of full-bodied Sumatran arabica and robust beans. 1 pound re-sealable package of fresh GROUND beans.
After years of research and disappointment, Dean's Beans has finally been able to ditch using the standard foil bags. They now use the new OMNIDEGRADABLE bag. Remove the valve and dispose of the bag in a Microbially Active Environment, like your home compost.
Dean's Beans is one of the oldest successful social enterprises in the country. Their commitment it positive change is their deepest-held value – not just the newest fads or marketing angle. We buy high and sell low. The farmers do well and you don;t have to be rich to buy our coffees. Their internationally-recognized, innovative, People-enterted Development programs nurture self-esteem and positive environmental, social and economic benefits in all our producer communities.

mugs2.jpg Peace Travel Mug in Smoke Grey
$16.00 $10.00 On Sale!
"Work for Peace and Justice" text on one side, peace dove with olive branch graphic on the other side.

Made of heavy duty plastic, 15 oz capacity, insulated, keeps beverage hot or cold, dishwasher safe. Union made in the U.S.A.

Available ONLY in the Smoke Grey color. Cobalt Blue is discontinued.

metaltabcolors.jpg Metal Lithographed 1" Round Color Coded Admission Tabs (1,000 min.)
These are the same metal fold-over tabs used by museums as admission badges. They are inexpensive, and very hard to forge (since there's only one manufacturer in the country, and a minimum order is 1,000) These are available as 1" inch round metal tabs. The tabs are flat and just fold over to attach to a lapel, a shirt pocket, a button hole or collar. They are ideal to use as an inexpensive, effective form of admission i.d. for any kind of one or multi-day paid-admission event, from shows to museum exhibits. Printed on the same sturdy weight steel as our basic peace sign buttons, except these are flat and do not have a pin in back.
• IN STOCK for immediate shipping.
• They are ONLY sold in a MINIMUM ORDER: 1,000 tabs. They are available in ten different colors, so, if you're using them at a venue that is open all week, each day you can use a different color. You can choose up to four different colors, 250 of any one of the ten colors available. SPECIFY Color(s) in the Comments field of the ordering section of the website.
•These tabs CANNOT have any design or text printed on them. They are made to be used as color-coded admission or inventory tracking tabs.
• Available colors: Burnt Orange, Red, Light Blue, Gold Metallic, Silver Metallic, Pink, Sunshine Yellow, Light Green, White, or Hot Neon Pink (a.k.a. fluorescent or Daygloฎ). They must be ordered in quantity of 1,000 of one choice of color, since that's how they are pre-packed.
• These are less expensive than wristbands, and not able to be effectively forged, and they are only sold in a minimum quantity of 1,000. There is only one manufacturer of these in the U.S. You can individually write on these tabs with a permanent marker, if you want to hand write a one, two or three-digit number or initials on each tab.
• Choose a color from the ten available on the pull-down menu. Colors shown in the picture, from left-to-right correspond to the color name in the pull-down menu.
• We CAN also CUSTOM IMPRINT them; but there is a MINIMUM quantity of 5,000 to 9,999 at .144ข each; 10,000 to 24,999 at .128ข each.
Black ink works best as an imprint color on any of the ten background colors available. But you may choose any other color for an imprint if you want. (for example: red on yellow; dark green on the light blue). Price breaks at 25,000; 50,000 and 100,000. No extra charge for Pantone Color Matching. 7-10 day production time for custiom printing. For Custom printed tabs there is a Printing Plate charge of $85.00 per imprint color.
Union Label available.


B-PARA.jpeg BANNER: Paradox
$22.00 $19.00 On Sale!
Cotton canvas banner, hand silkscreen-printed by Tibetan refugees. 8.5" x 17" with wooden dowels in sleeves at the top and bottom. Cord to hang it on a wall, and four decorative red tassels at the end of each dowel. Quotation from the 14th Dalai Lama.
• Click on the title to reach the entire text on the banner . . .

B-NGU.jpeg BANNER: Never Give Up
$22.00 $19.00 On Sale!
Cotton canvas banner, hand silkscreen-printed by Tibetan refugees. 8.5" x 17" with wooden dowels in sleeves at the top and bottom. Cord to hang it on a wall, and four decorative red tassels at the end of each dowel. Quotation from the 14th Dalai Lama.
• Click on the title to reach the entire text on the banner . . .

RF-3x10.jpg Rainbow Flag: 2' x3'
2' x 3' rainbow design, sewn nylon, with brass grommets. Made in U.S.A. Each band of color is stitched together using heavy-weight rip-stop parachute-quality nylon. This is NOT one of the cheaper, imported, light-weight dyed fabric type of flags.
RF-3x5.jpg Rainbow Flag: 3x5
$35.00 $27.00 On Sale!
3' x 5' rainbow design, sturdy, sewn nylon, with brass grommets. Made in U.S.A. Each band of color is stitched together using heavy-weight rip-stop parachute-quality nylon. Made in U.S.A. This is NOT one of the cheaper, imported, light-weight dyed fabric type of flags.
CRANES3.jpg Paper Crane Mobile: Design Paper
Beautiful, paper cranes, symbols of peace. These simple, graceful origami mobiles were originally hand-crafted and strung by our sons, Andrew and Cal, who were inspired to make these after taking part in the 50th anniversary commemoration in Hiroshima and Nagasaki, Japan August 1995. These are made of rice paper imported from Japan, in many beautiful, ornate print designs. No two mobiles are alike! Each one is indivually folded, assembled and strung by Keiko Nabb, a Japanese-American artist.
cranemobile.gif Paper Crane Mobiles
Beautiful, paper cranes, symbols of peace. Each string now has seven paper cranes hand-folded from Japanese rice paper, in rich, bright colors of the rainbow: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, violet and indigo. These simple, graceful origami mobiles were originally hand-crafted and strung by our sons, Andrew and Cal, who were inspired to make these after taking part in the 50th anniversary commemoration in Hiroshima and Nagasaki, Japan August 1995, when they were eleven and thirteen. Each crane is individually hand folded, assembled and strung by Keiko Nabb, a Japanese-American artist.
JP-PS58.gif Jewelry Pin: Peace Sign Symbol
$7.00 $5.00 On Sale!
5/8" round nickel with clutch-pin backing. 2008 marked the fiftieth anniversary of the creation of the peace symbol. This small jewelry pin peace sign goes well with any oiutit from the most casual to the most formal. Also can be used as cufflinks (does anyone wear those anymore?) Beacuse t has a clutchpin backing, it stays attached much better then the lock oin on 1" buttons. So it will stay put when attached to a messenger bag, backpack, totbag or shoilder strap on any of those.
• For a brief history of the origin of the peace symbol, click on the title of this product...

CD.jpg Magnet: Celebrate Diversity
$3.50 $2.50 On Sale!
1" x 2" (same as the button version) with a strong magentiic backing.

M-RT.jpg Magnet: Rainbow Triangle
$2.00 $1.00 On Sale!
These magnets can be used on refrigerators, cars, cabinets or an metal surface.
EL-TP.jpg Envelope Label: Teach Peace
$1.00 $0.50 On Sale!
Sheet of 12 envelope labels. Each oval label is 3/4" x 1.5". Fits on business cards, personal checks, envelopes, convention badges, name tags, postcards, notecards, notebooks, etc. A good item to offer people who visit your table or booth at an event. We've handed out tens of thousands at conferences over the years.
M-RPS.jpg Magnet: Peace Symbol over Rainbow
This is the same quality and size (1.75") as the button version – only instead of the safety pin on back, it has a full magnetic backing. These magnets can be used on refrigerators, cars, cabinets or any metal surface to hold paper or as a decorative magnet. TEMPORARILY OUT-OF-STOCK UNTIL 9/15/11.
JP-PS.jpg Jewelry Pin: Peace Dove and Peace Symbol
Hard-fired genuine Cloisonne enameled die-struck metal pin with dark green peace sign, light blue sky and white dove. Clutch-pin backing. Union-made in U.S.A.
RP.jpg Magnet: You Are The Spark That Started Our Freedom Movement, Thank You Sister Rosa Parks
"You Are The Spark That Started Our Freedom Movement. Thank You Sister Rosa Parks." Text is from the song "Thank You Sister Rosa" by the Neville Brothers (1988) • Donnelly/Colt, 1990 • 1.75" x 2.75", button with full magnetic backing, instread of safety pin backing. Photograph of Rosa Parks taken in 1956.
Rosa Parks was the inspiration for the Montgomery Bus Boycott when she refused to move tio the back of a city bus on December 1, 1955. The boycott lasted more than a year, ultimately changing the discriminatory law that required black bus riders to move to the back of the bus if a white rider wanted their seat. The Neville Brothers made a music video of their song in 2004 – you can watch it on YouTube by clicking here.

In his announcement of the end of the boycott, Martin Luther King said: "The moral arc of the universe is long but it bends towards justice." This quote from M.L.K. s also available as a bumpersticker (search S-MAU)

buttonpartsjpg.jpg 1" PARTS for Manual Button Assembly Machine (Set of 500)
$58.00 $48.00 On Sale!
1" BP-500
500 sets of metal shells, collets, spring lock pins and crystal clear, non-yellowing circular-cut mylar coverings. All the components you need to assemble your own custom designed buttons using the 1" Manual Button Assembly Machine we sell. The cost of the parts: less than 10ข per button! All button parts for all size buttons are made in the U.S.
MBAM-225.jpg 1" Manual Button Assembly Machine
$300.00 $229.00 On Sale!
• 2 step quick button making process
• Swivel die set (no changing dies between steps unlike other machines)
• Cushioned hand grip
• Compact & light weight for easy storage and carrying
These sturdy, solid-steel compact, professional manual button assembly machines are the best on the market.
• weighs only 6.5 pounds! with a 3" x 7" footprint1 • Click on title for more information...

buton_die_cutter.jpg 1" Graphic Punch Paper Die Cutter
$199.00 $149.00 On Sale!
A quick tool for cutting paper to the appropriate size for use in the 1" button assembly machine. PLEASE NOTE that it does NOT cut the paper to 1" diameter, but to a larger diameter, to allow for the paper to wrap around the circumference of the button in the button assembly machine. ALL seven sizes of the Graphic Punch die-cutters create an over-sized paper circle that becomes the finished button size, after it is assembled in the button machine. These graphic punches are only for use in the button-making process. It cuts the entire circle at once using a circular cutting die (which never needs sharpening). This device does the cutting precisely and ten times faster than cutting out the circles using a smaller hand held cutter with a rolling blade or by hand using scissors. A sturdy, solid steel, durable tool designed to last a lifetime. 5" wide x 7" long x 3" tall. Weighs 4.6 pounds. Made in U.S.A.
ARCC-1-3.5.jpg Adjustable Rotary Circle Cutter
$105.00 $90.00 On Sale!

This circle cutter provides a low-cost method to cut circular button graphics with speed and accuracy. Two interchangeable plastic centering templates, pre-cut for 1" button graphics (1.313" diameter) are included and can be cut to match larger sizes. A metal cutting plate is also included - it protects surfaces as the rotary cutter "crush cuts" the paper graphic. The rotary blade lasts for thousads of cuttings, and it only $7 to replace. Depending on paper thickness, multiple graphics may be cut at one time. This circle cutter is $49 less than the die-cut graphic punch device for cutting out paper circles. Made in U.S.A.

• Spring-loaded, bronze-bushed main shaft - permanently lubricated, smooth, steady operation.

• Interchangeable centering template - accurate placement, custom cut for each size, fewer wasted graphics.

• Pre-set stops for five popular button sizes: 1", 1.5", 2.25", 3", 3.5" - easy and fast adjustment between sizes.

• Palm-sized knob - greater comfort, less fatigue.

• Top-mounted, quick-release knob for size adjustments - speedy changes added convenience, full range of sizes from 7/8" to 4" diameter.

• Powder coated finish - durable and attractive.

• Knurled base - provides excellent grip, avoids slipping on graphics (br>
• All metal chasis construction - strong, durable, long-lasting.

• Spare Replacement cutting wheels are sold seperately for $7.

hatcdgreen.gif Hat: Celebrate Diversity
$13.00 $9.00 On Sale!
Adjustable embroidered cotton cap with plastic tab, union-made in the United States.
hatcdgray.gif Hat: Celebrate Diversity
$15.00 $9.00 On Sale!
Adjustable embroidered cotton cap with leather strap, union-made in United States.
hatstv.gif Hat: Stop the Violence
$13.00 $9.00 On Sale!
Adjustable cotton cap.
DVD-SFS.jpeg DVD: Searching For Sugar Man
$30.00 $24.00 On Sale!
Documentary • 2012 • 85 minutes • directed by Malik Bendelloul • ACADEMY AWARD WINNER: BEST DOCUMENTARY 2013!
How is it possible that a musician named Rodriguez could fail with two albums in the U.S., disappear into obscurity for years and then be unknowingly resurrected as a successful, inspirational hero in totally different country? Searching for Sugar Man tells the uplifting, almost unbelievable true mystery of Rodriguez, a story more extraordinary than any of the existing myths about him. From the producer of the Oscar-winning Man on Wire, Searching for Sugar Man is that rare film which connects with audiences and critics alike on an extraordinarily emotional level. Winner of two awards at the 2012 Sundance Film Festival, including the Audience Award, director Malik Bendjelloul's documentary is a film about hope, inspiration and the resonating power of music.

• Watch the movie trailer here.
• CLICK on title to read the filmmakers comments about Rodriguez, the story and the movie...

SCBH.asp Supergrip Suction Cup Inside Window Bumpersticker/Poster Holder
$3.00 $1.50 On Sale!
A pair of 1.5" diameter supergrip suction cups with sign holder attached to each. Made of clear vinyl. Another way to display (and easily change) bumperstickers or any sign inside the back or side window of any vehicle. They also work great to display signs or posters of any size inside a window. They will firmly hold any bumpersticker, card or sign up to .080" thick. These hard-to-find little gadgets really work, but you won't find them at any hardware store. They are the best solution we've found for inside window display of stickers. Made in U.S.

PATCH-PS.jpg Patch: Peace Sign over Rainbow
Self Sticking Embroidered Patch. 2" diameter.
MINI-FLAG-8x12 Mini-Flag: 8" x 12" Earth Flag on wooden dowel
Same image as on other versions of the Earth Flag/Banner (see above descriptions). This one is the small, hand-held version: 8" tall by 12" long. attached to a 3/8" diameter dowel, to wave by hand or push into the ground. Made in U.S.A.
BANNER-2X3EF.jpg Banner: Earth Photograph from Space on vertical 2' x 3' Banner
Same image of earth as on the 2' x 3' Earth Flag, with the image rotated 90 degrees, so north is at the top of the banner. The banner has a sleve sewn along the top 2' horizontal length, to slide onto a diagonally mounted flagpole, or to slide a wooden dowel through for vertical display on a wall. This banner does not have brass grommets, which the 2' x 3' and 3' x 5' Earth Flags do have. Made in U.SA.
Stkrs@table.jpg Bumpersticker Display Sleeves - Pack of Ten
[no image...because, they're clear, and wouldn't show up well in a photo]
$4.00 buys ten of these 4" x 15" clear plastic 4 mil thick Bumpersticker Display Sleeves. They are the same thickness as a bumpersticker, so they're durable and long-lasting. The image shown here is the old way some people have devised to display stickers on a table outdoors.
Sure, bungee cords will help keep your stickers in place on a windy day, but we think, also having them in these clear Display Sleeves makes it easier and quicker to store, set up and also to pack up afterwards. And it keeps dust off them outside.

• Please click on the product name above (in blue) for more info about them.
• Open on one 4" end. These are THE best solution we've found to organizing bumperstickers for display at tabling events and shops.
• Ask us to send you a free sample, if you want to see one. Contact us through the Comments field on this website, or by email or phone.

ribbonmag_home.gif Yellow Ribbon Magnet: Support Our Troops - Bring Them Home Now
$2.00 $1.00 On Sale!
Magnetic Ribbon: YRM-BTHN
Limited quantiuty remaining (under 100). To truly "Support our Troops," we need to support the truth. The first version we put out was so popular, people wanted another version to add to their cars. "Bring Them Home Now" says what needs to be said. Along with the magnet, we include a copy of a one page article, "What Does 'Support The Troops' Really Mean?" 3.5" x 8". Screenprinted with fade-proof, durable inks on .035" thick flexible magnetic material. Union-made & printed in U.S.

20 or more 75ข each.

SVS-RTRIback.gif Envelope Label: Rainbow Triangle
Sheet of 18 envelope labels. Each triangular label is 5/8" on each side. Fits well on checks, envelopes, postcards, notecards, snapshots, foreheads, faces, flashdrives, cellphones, iPods, etc.
Pair of Earring Backings for 7/8" and 1" Buttons
Now you can convert any 7/8-inch or one-inch buttons into earrings. Each pair of earring backings consist of:
• a 3/8" tall by 1/32" thick steel post with a 1/4" diameter flat metal base. • a 3.8" diameter by 1/32" thick double-sided adhesive disk adheres firmly to both the flat metal base and to the inside back of the button. • a surgical steel clutch back slips on to the post to hold the earring in place on the earlobe.
The lock pins that come with all 7/8" and one-inch buttons are easily removed using your finhers or a pair of needle noise pliers. Those lock pojs are only held in olace by the tension of the curved wire under the curved edge lip (collet) of the button.
The earring backing conversion attachments are only sold as a seperate accessory. You can easily attach them yourself onto any one-inch or 7/8" button, we do not attach them here before shipping.
• NOTE TO RE-SELLERS: If you want to convert those size buttons into earrings for re-sale, we also offer these earring backing conversion attachments at a bulk price for 50 pairs to convert 100 buttons into earrings. (See pricing below) EB-7/8+1
Sold by the pair. Now you can make any 7/8" or one-inch diameter button into earrings. You remove the lock pin from the back of your button. The lock pins are easily removed by hand or with needle nose pliers. Lock pins are only held in place by tension pressure under the curved edge of the collet on the back of the buttons.
Each pair consists of a 3/8" x 1/32" steel post with a 10 millimeter flat metal pad. A 3/8" x 1/32" thick adhesive disk adheres to the flat metal pad of the post. The disk has a strong adhesive on both sides to stick to the post and to stick the post to the back of the button. The back that slips onto the post is made of surgical steel.
We only sell the earring attachments as a separate accessory. You attcah them onto your button. We do not attach them on to buttons before we ship them. If you want to convert one-inch or 7/8" buttons into earrings for re-sale, we also offer the earring backing components in sets of 100 at bulk pricing (see below)

BK-COF.jpg Book: Cost of Freedom: The Anthology of Peace & Activism
$26.00 $23.00 On Sale!
by Mike Palecek, Michael Annis & Whitney Trettien * 166 pages (14 full color) * 12" x 12.5" * 2007
Over 100 contributors from the U.S. and Canada.
"Not just a book, it's a national movement." – Claire Dinneen, Anthology Books, Colorado
"If the world is ever going to be changed, it will be through the efforts of millions of individuals and small organizations. Cost of Freedom tells the encouraging stories of many who have begun this work." – Pete Seeger
"Sexy, surreal, overwhelming. The definitive work of an era of alternative thinking, composition, visual art and publishing..." – Booklist
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SVS-ASD.gif Small Vinyl Sticker: Another SUV Driver for War
Discreet 2" x 6" mini-bumpersticker designed to apply to big, gas-guzzling S.U.V.s Small enough to not be noticed by the driver, yet bright and legible enough to be easily read by anyone stuck at a traffic light in back of the monstrosity from Vehicular Hell. Disclaimer: Always politely ask SUV owners permission to apply this message of truth to their property, they will appreciate your thoughtfulness and concern.
PATCH-FLAG.jpg Patch: Earth over Rainbow Flag
Self Sticking Embroidered Patch 2" x 3"
KC-CD.jpg KeyChain: Celebrate Diversity / Diversity Is Our Strength
Key tag reads "CELEBRATE DIVERSITY" on one side and "DIVERSITY IS OUR STRENGTH" on the other. Approx. 1" x 2". Union-made in the U.S.A.
ILMC.jpg Button: I Love My Co-op
$2.00 $0.75 On Sale!
1" Button • Great item for your local food co-op.
Available at wholesale for .75ข each for 100-499 and in larger quantity at custom printing prices: 500 at .48ข each; 1,000 or more at .25ข each. These wholesale prices are only for 500 or more of this same button. We will custom print them, because we do not keep that many in stock. It does not apply to mixing assorted different in-stock buttons)

P-CGC.jpg P-Character Growth Wall Chart
4.5" x 39" long • 2009 • Matte finish cardstock, fan-folded to 4.5" x 9.75"
Here's a low-cost gift that will be treasured for years. Kids love to check to see how tall they have grown. Parents need more opportunities to talk about virtues and character with their children. We've put these two together to create a growth chart that includes seventy child-appropriate positive attributes – one every half-inch from 36 to 70 inches.
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PEACEPENDANT.jpg Peace Pendant
$22.00 $17.00 On Sale!
Alpaca silver pendant strung on an 18" long sterling silver snake chain. pendant: 1 1/4" diameter. Packed in a gift box.
WB-R.jpeg Wristband: Rainbow Colors - Adult size
$2.00 $1.50 On Sale!
silicone wristband with blended rainbow colors as shown. The band is 8 inches in circumference to fit adults. You can also write on it with a fine tip permanent marker.
WB-R.jpeg Wrist Band: Rainbow - Teen size
$2.00 $1.50 On Sale!
silicone wristband with blended rainbow colors. Teen size. 7.1 inches in circumference for a better fit on smaller people's wrists. You can also write on it with a fine tip permanent marker.
Miscellaneous Assorted Items
FP-ALIEN.gif Plaque: Alien Fish
$6.00 $2.95 On Sale!
Close Encounters! With all the car plaques of fish, we liked Dark Carnival's (of Berkeley) unique addition to the school. Their "Alien" fish plaque adds just the appropriate cosmic zaniness to the fish plaque proliferation. Shiny silver on raised black plastic, self sticking.
S-IGMES.gif Magnet 3" x 11.5" - I Get My Electricity From The Sun
$6.00 $5.00 On Sale!
A 3" x 11.5" vinyl sticker adhered on to a flexible magnetic backing for easy placement and removal from any metal surface. This is also available as a standard (adhesive-backed) bumpersticker. Use our site's search engine to locate the sticker. Itis product code S-IGME.

Wire Frame for 14" x 22" Yard Sign
IF you need wire frames for 14" x 22" yard signs you already have, you can order extras here. Heavy guage steel wire frame/stake for 14" x 22" yard signs only. Price is for each one. The wire frame easily pushes into ground, gravel or snow. The yard sign slips easily over the top onto the frame. Because the overall dimensions of the wire frame (20" wide by 34" tall) are so large, we bend the legs 90 degrees into the frame so it can ship more compactly. Made in U.S. Just bend wire frame legs out upright to use. The price includes the over-sized heavy duty 18" x 25" fiberboard mailing envelope.
BULK PRICE for 14" x 22" Wire Frames for Yard Signs - 25 or more
Wire frames for the 14" x 22" size yard signs, in bulk. 25 or more.
Sometimes you need more frames, but not more printed yard signs. For example, if you're hand painting the signs and only need a few. It's impossible to purchase the wire frames locally at any hardware store. They're just not an item that retail stores stock. Shipping weight for 25 is 15 pounds.

CAL-Perpetual.jpg PERPETUAL CALENDAR - Perpetual Desktop Spiral Bound: 365 Daily Affirmations for Revolutionary Proletarian Militants"
“365 Daily Affirmations for Revolutionary Proletarian Militants” desk calendar
“Cute in a class war kinda way.” – Bryan Ellis
$20 each (Note: for shipping, because of the weight, we will add to each one: $6.80 in US, $24.95 to Canada, and $33.95 to everywhere else (these are actual U.S. Postal Service shipping costs).
There’s plenty of inspirational literature for those who want more money, romance, spiritual purity, and professional advancement—but none for those of us who define success as overthrowing global capitalism. Until now! This is a full-color, 365-day perpetual desk calendar. Flip to a new page each day. The dates are printed but not the weekdays or year, so you can use it over and over. Written, drawn and self-published by the one & only Revolutionary Proletarian Militant political cartoonist Stephanie McMillan. Page size is 5″ x 5.5″.

YS-NMW.jpeg Yard Sign: No matter where you are from, we're glad you're our neighbor
Yard sign screen printed on both sides on 4 mil corrugated plastic • 2017
18" x 24" • Wire "H' stake • Union printed in the U.S.
• NOTE: Shipping cost is higher than the amount automatically estimated by the website ordering calculator. We charge only the actual shipping cost to your location.

M-WM-1.jpg Magnet: PRO...
$3.95 $2.50 On Sale!
2.5" x 3.5" Magnetic-Backed Button • Full Color offset lithographed
Photo (of Evelyn from Long Island, N.Y.) at the N.Y.C. Women's March January 20, 2018.

P-RESIST.jpg Magnet: Resist / We are Sisters
$3.95 $2.50 On Sale!
2.5" x 3.5" MAGNET-BACKED BUTTON • Full Color offset lithograohy
2018 • Artist Dawn Cook holding the sign she painted for the January 20, 2018 Women's March (Hartford, CT) ฉ 2018 Dawn Cook
photo by Roxanne Pandolfo.

IOA.jpg Magnet: IN OUR AMERICA . . .
2" x 3" Magnet • In response to the 2016 election, a group of Portland (OR) women decided to support an era of activism, democracy and resistance. They call themselves Nasty Women Get Shit Done PDX. Also available as a Magnet ($5), Button ($3), Postcard (1.00) and corrugated plastic yard sign ($15)

peacemug.gif Mug & Your Choice of 12 Buttons and/or Bumperstickers: FILL-A-MUG
Our U.S.-made 13 oz. Cobalt Blue Glass Mug with the Margaret Mead quote on one side, and the words "Peace & Justice" on the other side.
YOU choose any 12 buttons and and/or bumperstickers: Write the product codes or names of each item in the "Ordering Instructions" or the "Customer Comments" field. We will price the buttons you select at $1 each – HALF the regular $2 price. You save $12. Your buttons will be packed in the mug, and the mug will be put in a corrugated cardboard box. To ensure against breakage, we double-pack the boxed mug in a box with recycled paper, foam "peanuts" or air pillows, all re-used from packing in cartons sent to us from other suppliers. The mug and buttons are all made in the U.S.

mini-greetings-thanks-p754.jpg Mini Hanging Accordion-Style Mini-Poster: "Greetings & Thanks…"
2" wide by 3" tall, folded MINI-version of the very popular original larger version (4.5" x 39" long, unfolded) • 100% postconsumer recycled paper
In eleven hand-lettered and watercolor-illustrated panels, GREETINGS & THANKS honors the universal message of gratitude and thanksgiving. It is long and narrow when hung on your wall (it comes with hanging string), or small and handy for prayers and meditations when keep folded on a table. Inspired by the Thanksgiving Address of the Haudenosaunee, an oral tradition used at gatherings. Designed and drawn by Karen Kerney. A portion of the proceeds from sales of this poster go to the Onondaga Nation. (www.onondaganation.org)
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$5.00 $4.00 On Sale!
1" x 2" NEW ITEM: Magnet Backed Button for wearing
ฉ 1990 Donnelly/Colt • Our most popular pin-backed button is now available as a two-=piece magnet-backed pinless button in the same size as then original. IT has a powerful magnet on back and a separate piece of metal to put on the inside of a shirt or thin sweat, that holds it firmly in place, so you don't have to poke a hole through the fabric.

$10.00 $8.00 On Sale!
11" x 17 poater • Artist Dawn Cook painted this sign for the 2018 Women's March in Hartford, CT, one of scores of marches in cities and towns throughout the United States on January 20th • photograph by Roxanne Pandolfi.


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