CD: The People's Music

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In a time when the most well-known musicians drone on apathetically about trivial, negative, stereotypical and unoriginal subject matter, Tha Truth represents a breath of fresh air; he is an artist in every sense of the word. Utilizing originality, creativity and a desire to use his talent to move the world in a better direction, The Truth is a rapper unmatched by any.

When it was conceived, the rythmic poetry of hip hop gave a voice to the voiceless on the streets of New York City. Tha Truth's music continues in the tradition of providing a voice representing another side...the side often ignored in the media's spin and the government's agenda. Tha Truth makes the case that to be politically neutral or uninterested is to condone what is taking place in the world. His music projects the aesthetic sonic artistry, flair and mastery of the most well-known rappers, while leaving listeners with the bonus of life-altering critical thought, empowerment, contemplation and awareness. One can only imagine what a better world we would be living in if most kids were listening to and learning from Tha Truth, instead of the latest egotistical, stereotype-driven, corporate creation that the hip hop industry has churned out to make a huge profit for their multinational conglomerate and its stockholders.

Here's some of what Tha Truth has to say about what he does:
I've been rappin for 9 years. I figure if you've got talent you can make music about anything, so why not make it about what's most important in the world.
I rap about poverty, non-violence, anti conformity, anti greed, the environment, the need for equality, tolerance and unity for all people and a lot more topics that I feel need to be heard.
To improve the world we live in we need to shift the focus off of greed we need to stop the rich-getting-richer trend of recent times and start sharing the world's resources. People are dying from starvation while others have so much food they throw it out. People are also dying in pointless wars stemming from greed, intolerance and division,
I am all about activism through hip hop. It's what I do for a living. I don't follow trends, I start them. I was named Tha Truth because people pointed out that this is what I bring through my lyrics. People need to see hip hop doesn't have to be the way it is. It wasn't always this way. It was about music. About expression. Nowadays everybody wanna act like Scarface and talk about their jewels, rims and guns. I know corporations would like hip hop to stay this way...then we can all remain stupid and not question the greed, violence and corruption that surround us in society. They are keeping people stupid, shallow and focused on trivial things. Money does not earn friends, it attracts fake people who want you for your money. Violence doesn't get respect, it gets you dead or in prison in time. We need to stop supporting the corporations' stranglehold on hip hop and support independent artists.
It takes real skills to talk about real issues and to display real intelligence while still keepin the music hot. It takes real strength to be a leader and not to follow the crowd. This is what I do. Listen to my music and recognize how hip hop has the potential to bring people powerful messages about social change, social justice and awareness.
I attend many events...but you can find me in the streets any given day bringin the message through my music. We can't often find "Tha Truth" on major television or radio stations (which are owned by soulless, greedy corporations) but we can find it in real music like the kind I make.
A man once said 'The world is my country, all of human kind is my family and to do good is my religion.'
peace, Tha Truth"

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