P-Character Growth Wall Chart


Instead of focusing on physical growth, parents can talk with their children about the growth of character qualities that come with maturity. These were designed and priced to be given away. They include the quotation "The light of a good character surpasseth the light of the sun. Bahá'u'lláh” but are not overtly religious or Bahá'í. This means you can give them to every child who attends children’s classes, distribute them to day care facilities, offer them to schools, and pass them out a fairs and festivals. A Teaching Idea: Set up a measuring station with information about inner and outer health and fitness, then give every kid who stops to be measured a Character Growth Chart. Kids will love showing off how tall they’ve grown, and parents will appreciate the free chart and the emphasis on character. Each chart is 4.25x39" in full color on heavy card stock, folded to 10". It will fit nicely on the end of a stud wall or door frame. It is marked from 36" to 72" along one edge and 90cm to 186cm on the other edge. You can write on it with pen or pencil. It comes with a 3 page list of simple definitions for each of the character words used on the chart.
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