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The following pages include items related to community or general items that don't quite fit anywhere else.

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Bumpersticker: Recovering Tele-Holic; Beware the Media-Trivia Complex
TF.gif Button: Pink Triangle with Fist
$1.00 $1.00 On Sale!
(1" Button)
CD-MOTM.jpg CD: The Mis-Education of the Masses
$17.00 $12.00 On Sale!
by political rap/hip-hop artist Tha Truth 2010 1 hour, 11.5 minutes
Tha Truth is a conscious/political underground hip hop artist and "rap-tivist" (rapper-activist) known around the Philadelphia area for battling inequality, poverty, discrimination, and injustice. He has performed in countless venues at concerts, colleges, demonstrations, conferences, and benefits. Since 2006 Tha Truth has released three critically acclaimed underground political rap albums that attack the forces that maintain the status quo.
mix: truth, revolution, struggle, the red pill from the matrix, V for Vendetta, fightclub, the spirits of Bob Marley, Howard Zinn, and George Carlin, then add the Simpsons, the Boondocks, and fighting the system, and cook for 60 minutes.
"Tha Mis-Education of the Masses" was released on May 19th 2010 (Malcolm X's birthday). Tha Truth chose this release date purposely to honor freedom fighters Malcolm X and also Harvey Milk (whose birthday is May 22nd). This CD expands on the themes of equality and justice as his previous projects, while adding substantial doses of sarcastic wit, mind bending and humorous metaphors, and a variety of diversified beats comprised from Middle Eastern live percussion/drums, native flutes, acoustic and rock guitar, reggaeton, and a lot of the lost arts of DJ scratching and mixing.
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S-IYWP.gif Bumpersticker: If you want Peace work for Justice
$3.00 $2.00 On Sale!
2.75" x 15"
PSW.gif Small Labels: Peace Sign Wreath / set of ten
$2.50 $1.25 On Sale!
SL-PSW-10 1.5" Round ten per sheet.
Use these small labels any time of year on envelopes, cards, and stick them anywhere. We sell these at our cost. Ask about larger quantities at lower cost per label: like 5,000 at .075 each, 10,000 at .06 each, 15,000 at .04 each, oner 25,000 at .02 each (allow a week for production and delivery time for quantities of 2,000 or more)
We also have these labels in stock in packs of 100. See item code: SL-PSW-100
Also available as a button, item code: PSW.

PSW.gif Small Labels: Peace Sign Wreath/set of 100
$12.95 $9.95 On Sale!
1.5" Round Paper Labels 5 sheets of twenty labels per sheet (100 total)
Use on holiday cards and envelopes, as well as year-round. Hand them out at events, put on gift boxes, bags, postcards.