CD: Music For A Better World - Tha Truth

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Track listings:
1. Open Minded Intro
2. Change The World (Change the Future)
3. Do You Believe In Facts?
4. Apathy? Who Cares?
5. Human Rights (Jobs, Food & Homes)
6. I Tell These Jokes (Comic Relief)
7. The American Myth featuring George Carlin
8. Critical Thinking
9. One Human Family featuring Why
10. Todos Somos Iguales
11. Peace, Love & Justice featuring Why
12. No Frackin Way
13. Textbook Lies featuring Matt Damon
14. Worker's Rights (End Sweatshops) featuring T.O.
15. Why Do They Lie?
16. Let's All Blame The Victim!
17. If Dr. King Was Here Today Part 2
18. In Their Shoes featuring Christine Lopez
19. What Democracy Sounds Like
20. Positive Energy - featuring Why
21. War Veterans Speak featuring U.S. military
22. Solutions Part II (We Can Take Action)

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