1" Manual Button Assembly Machine


We've tried many different brands, and these, made in Wisconsin by the leading designer and manufacturer of button assembly machines really are the best. If you've searched the internet for button machines, these are the same machines carried by leading U.S. distributors. These machines are sold worldwide and built to far outlast you and I. All machines from the 1" button size assembly machine through the 3" machines have an incredibly compact footprint of just 3" wide by 6" long by 10" (with handle extended; 5" tall with handle folded down for storage or transport) tall and weigh from 6.5 pounds to 10 pounds (for the 2.25" machine). The square 1.5" and 2" machines weigh 19 pounds each. With two pulls of the handle, each button is pressed together and completed in less than fifteen seconds. Each machine comes with a starter kit of 25 sets of parts to make 25 buttons. Factory direct wholesale pricing for the complete sets of button parts cost $48 for 500 sets, or less than a dime per button. Ask about larger quantities of parts. (we can supply you with 5,000 to 50,000 sets of parts) Button assembly machines are also available for the 1.25" size, the 1.5" size, the 1.75" size and the 2.25" size. All 1" through 2.25" button assembly machines are at the $249 sale price. The 3" machine is $349. The 1"; 1.5" Square and the 2" Square (not shown) machines are $1,575.00. each because the tooling and dies are far more difficult to make. A separate, Graphic Punch die-cutter to cut the paper circles accurately and quickly is available, at $159 for each round button machine. This item must be ordered seperately. It is not included with any machine. (A separate Graphic Punch die-cutter, as well as the machine is required for each different button size or shape.)
The Graphic Punch lets you clearly center the design to be cut accurately; accurate centering of the design on the paper is crucial to a centered perfectly finished button
Solid steel construction
It takes very little physical force to operate
No blades to worry about, sharpen or replace
Fast, efficient and accurate circle cutting
You, or your customers (if you set up at events) can design your buttons either by hand and have color copies made, or print out sheets on your computer's printer. You can also make one-of-a-kind buttons from images you design and print out from your computer, cut out from magazines or hand draw. It's a fun way to raise money at any event, too. Set up a table for the button machine, display samples and put out a sign. You can charge a dollar or two and have people draw their own design and/or message with colored markers. You assemble it right there at the event, in about seven seconds. At a dollar a button, you make 90 on each button. You can reasonably charge $1.50 to $2.00 as a retail price for any size made-to-order, one-of-a-kind button these days Charge $3 or more for the larger 2.25" and 3" size button. People who make photo buttons charge up to $8 each. Share the cost of purchasing the machine with another group, to make it more affordable to both groups. These machines will soon pay for themselves in button sales and continue provide a lifetime of quality, full-time service.