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2014 Calendars

Most calendars sold in the U.S. are printed abroad to profit more from cheap labor, are plastic shrink-wrapped with a cardboard stiffener, and are not printed on readily available real recycled paper. If you don't support these anti-union and anti-environmental practices, then please consider these calendars. Some are still packaged with cardboard and plastic shrink-wrap because most retailers still insist on that packaging. Change is slow in the calendar publishing world.

CAL-PC2014.jpg Calendar: 2014 Peace Calendar
Provocative.... Inspirational.... Visionary... Essential
The most powerful antidote to shackles, prison bars and brutal isolation is art. Many of our constituents are cultural workers in prisons, and former prisoners themselves, who deeply value art from inside.

CAL-PPJ2014.jpg Calendar: Posters for Peace & Justice 2014
The Peace & Justice wall calendar is a survey of political protest poster art. Combining strong graphics and succinct messages that educate, these images are plastered on brick walls, stapled to power poles and silk-screened onto T-shirts, and have gone viral on the Internet. This inspiring calendar showcases reprints of some poignant examples of call-to-action posters, complemented by the artist's mission statement and comments on the cause.

CAL-LA2014.jpg Calendar: Land Art Wall Calendar 2014
Land Art, also known as Earth or Environmental Art, is created in nature and composed primarily of the natural elements available at hand. Purposely impermanent, these works are created and then left to change, erode and eventually be reclaimed by the elements. Environmental sculptor Martin Hill utilizes both processes and forms that reflect nature's cyclical system. His intent is to illuminate how our unsustainable way of life can be reversed through better design informed by the way nature works.

CAL-GP2014.jpg Calendar: Green Patriot Wall Calendar 2014
The Green Patriot wall calendar is a collection of outstanding contemporary posters promoting sustainability and the fight against climate change. Based on the Green Patriot Posters book, published by Metropolis Books in association with the Environmental Defense Fund, it draws inspiration from the WPA (Works Progress Administration) and posters from the World War II era, when transforming consumption habits and conserving became patriotic. The work in this collection is a rallying cry, a potent tool for communication and social transformation.