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Environmental or Animal Rights Buttons

Show your concern for animals or the planet by wearing these buttons.

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STAND.gif Button: juStice equaliTy peAce eNvironment freeDom
1.5" 1" x 2" rectangular designed by Laura Talman
MPN.gif Button: Make Peace With Nature
(1.25" Button) This upside-down peace symbol in the form of a tree is a timeless classic.
ANO.GIF Button: Animals Are Not Ours to Eat, Wear or Experiment On.
LGG.jpg Button: Live Green (green tree)
1.25" Button, hand-assembled without electricity. 100% post-consumer recycled paper.
SYLFE.jpg Button: Support Your Local Farmer
1" Button, hand-assembled without electricity. 100% post-consumer recycled paper.
NCNB.gif Button: Nature Can't Be Restocked
2" x 2" Barcode with zebras
CG.jpg Button: Growing Carrots Graphic
image originally created as enameled art on a ceramic disc 1.5" diameter
For your food co-op, farmer's market community garden.

GEAC.GIF Button: Give Earth a Chance
Button: Reduce Re-use Recycle (arrows graphic)
one inch diameter. Made from re-purposed 1" recycle logo stickers, originally designed to put on packaging that is being re-used, and on calendars and date books as reminders of recycling days.
SPN.gif Button: Sun Power Now!
Original offset-printed 1978 vintage antique, not a reprint.
COAHMLPB.gif Button: Crude Oil Addiction: How many lives per barrel?
$2.00 $0.25 On Sale!
1.75" Button
VEGE.gif Button: Vegetarian - Peace For All Who Live
(1.75") Another version of the peace sign, for the dietarily peaceful (many great pacifists were vegetarians); it just makes sense karmicly, green leafy veggies, especially broccoli are good for you and help prevent cancer.
Click on the button title for the short version of why. . .

SUNP.gif Button: Graphic of Sun Surrounded by People
$2.00 $2.00 On Sale!
(1.5" Button) The logo from the Clamshell Alliance, one of first grassroots mass action-oriented activist anti-nuclear organizations in the U.S.
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GFTS.gif Button: Growth For The Sake of Growth is the Ideology of the Cancer Cell - Edward Abbey
Stark fact in white on black 1.5" button quote from Edward Abbey
TSLO.GIF Button: Tobacco Sucks The Life Out Of Your Lungs
$2.00 $0.25 On Sale!
FNA.gif Button: Farms Not Arms
1.75" button; designed by Kate Donnelly 1978. Original printing. Few available.
DSPS.jpg Button: Dolphin Sunset Peace Sign Graphic
Hand assembled 2.25" button from the left coast.
BIKES.jpg Button: Bikes Not Bombs
1" diameter Hand assembled button
CHANGE.gif Button: We Cannot Change Unless We Survive But We Will Not Survive Unless We Change
$2.00 $0.50 On Sale!
(1.5" Square Button)
ULI.jpg Button: Uranium - Leave it in the Ground
ORG.gif Button: Organize
$2.00 $1.00 On Sale!
1" x 2" Rectangular Button
Als available as a bumpersticker. Product code: S-ORG design Donnelly/Colt

WEARING.gif Button: Wearing Buttons Is Not Enough
(1.25" Button)
GJ.gif Button: Got Justice?
(1" button)
BTC.gif Button: "Be the change you wish to see in the world." --Gandhi
1.25" button.
WAN.gif Button: Women Against Nukes
$2.00 $0.50 On Sale!
(1.75" Button) We were young, naive and perhaps a bit undisplined in the realities of business economics when we ordered 25,000 of these buttons back in 1978. Thirty three years later, we're down to the very last few remaining of this colorful classic from our sister anti-nuclear activists across the pond. Rust-free and looking as good as they did in the seventies, these are antiques, not 21st century digital fakes.
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RWC.gif Button: Rebel With A Cause
(1.25" Button) hand-assembled
STSP.gif Button: STOP Tar Sands Pipeline
$2.00 $0.75 On Sale!
1.5" square button. Also available as a 3.75" x 7.5" bumpersticker. Code: S-STSP

Customprinted Labels for Back of Buttons or Stickers (Roll of 1,000 minimum)
For groups or shops who buy our buttons wholesale and want to have a way for their customers to contact them again these labels are the solution. We customprint your contact info in black on white self-stick labels on a roll, and send them to you to apply to the back of each of the buttons you order from us (or from anyone else). We are offering these custom printed labels at our cost as a special service to our customers who order buttons or button parts from us.
The minimum number of labels you can order is 1,000.
At higher quantities (2,000 and up) the price per label is a lot lower than at 1,000. The labels are small enough 1/2" by 3/4" to fit on the back of even the smallest (1") buttons we sell.
Size: 1/2" tall x 3/4" self-stick paper labels. For the same price, you can get a slightly larger (1/2" x 2") label to put on the back of bumpertickers or small vinyl stickers.
Your own wording on up to 4 lines (13 upper case characters per line or 21 lower case letters per line.
Your choice of one of the following Ink Colors: Black, Red, Green, Blue, or Purple. Ink is for the color of the text (reversal printing is NOT recommended on this small size of label.
Your choice of one of the following Paper Colors: White Gloss (recycled), Yellow Gloss; ALSO Fluorescent (Dayglo) colors: Red, Yellow, Green, Light Orange, Pink (black ink only on all fluorescent color papers, since other colors don't print in their accurate color on fluorescent paper); ALSO Matte Finish Silver Metallic paper.
Only choose one ink and one paper color per order of 1,000 labels.
Because the text will be tiny, we will set it in a clear Ariel or Ariel Narrow font.
Suggested information for each line of text:
Line 1: (your organization's name)
Line 2: (continue name if needed; or phone number)
Line 3: (e-mail adddress)
Line 4: (website; or price you want to sell button for)

Putting labels on the backs of all buttons (both buttons you make and buttons you buy already made from anyone else) is a smart way to identify and promote your business or group as the source for more of the buttons, so you will get repeat orders and new orders. You can also put these labels on the backs of bumperstickers, postcards, etc. It will also direct people to your website. We are offering these at our cost to help you promote your organization. They are less expensive when ordered in larger quantities (2,000 or more).
2,000 (all same) for $249. 3,000 (all same) for $300. 5,000 (all same) for $349. 10,000 (all same) for$395. 15,000 (all same) for $425. 25,000 (all same) for $465.

Prices good trough 2024, after that, prices are subject to change. TO ORDER: Write the wording you want, line by line (4 lines maximum), in the "Comments" section after you click to add this item to your shopping cart. Click once only for a roll of 1,000. Unless you indicate otherwise, we will print them in black ink on white labels.
You can also order these by emailing us at info "at" donnellycolt "dot" com
You won't find prices this low anywhere else on the internet or at any retail shop. This is a promotional price only available to our customers who want to use custom printed labels on the backs of any buttons you purchase at wholesale from anywhere, that you want to re-sell, so you will be seen as the source for more buttons.

STE.jpg Button: Save the Earth
2" diameter
TITOU.gif Button: Tune In / Turn Off / Unplug
1" button. A present-day revisioning of Timothy Leary's 1967 comment, ("turn on, tune in, drop out"). It was catchy. People remembered it. It was solopsistic. Today we need a message focused on three simple steps to energy conservation: awareness, and actions to un-learn our unconscious wasteful habits. Like Pete Seeger said he believes the world will be saved by millions of people doing small things.
N.jpg Button: Anti-"N" graphic
1" diameter. No nukes, or upside-down: No uranium mining or milling.

ENV.jpg Button: Greek Letter for the Environmental Movement
1.25" diameter. This Greek letter was adopted as the symbol for the environmental movement in 1969.

WINDMILL.jpg Button: Windmill over Sunset graphic
1.5" diameter. Lock-pin back. 1977.

NFW.gif Button: No Fracking Way
1.75" diameter

NF.gif Button: No Fracking (circle/slash graphic)
1.75" diameter

WBC.gif Button: We Belong to the Earth - Earth does not belong to Us

NFZ.gif Button: Nuclear-Free Zone

NNtree.gif Button: No Nukes
(1" Button) Our first button design. This was the button that really began this whole catalogue. It became an international symbol for the anti-nuclear movement against both nuclear reactors and weapons worldwide, 37 yrears ago - all by word-of-mouth and no mainstream media promotion, and no World Wide Web.
For the rest of the story, click on the title . . .

SWS.jpg Button: I Stand with Standing Rock
$2.00 $1.00 On Sale!
1.5" Button 2016
The spirit of Standing Rock lives on forever as a symbol of indigenous and allies' resistance to corporate greed and plunder the natural world. Wear this o remind others; to start a conversation; to encourage others to tale action.

WIL.jpg Button: Water is Life
$2.00 $1.00 On Sale!
1.25" Button 2017
Al life on earth requires clean water to survive. The industrialized world is steadily polluting, poisoning and exploiting water. Each year Water Water Day is on March 22nd. Learn more about it:

SEFFD.jpg Button: Solar Employs / Fossil Fuels Destroy

CJN.jpg Button: Climate Justice Now
1.5" diameter

Button: The Price of Apathy is to be ruled by evil men" - Plato
1.5": Square button quote from ancient Greek philosopher Plato (428 B.C. - 348 B.C.) as true today as it was then.

Sun_line_art.jpg Button: Rennaisance Sun
(1" diameter) hand assembled, in black on white, from a 16th century printed image of the sun.

PS-1.jpg Button: Pete Seeger
1" Button. Pete Seeger (1917-2014) An amazing grace, an enduring life & legacy. Hand-assembled button.
Pete would have been 100 years old in 2017.
Click Button title for more info . . .

C:ST.jpg Button: "NO" to Trump (Red Circle & Slash over "TRUMP")
1.5" Button 2016 The international "No" symbol, a red circle & slash over the word "Trump" says it all, and is understood in many languages.

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