Button: Vegetarian - Peace For All Who Live


A veggie diet uses less land and resources (than feeding and grazing cattle, before they are slaughtered for your burgers) is more ecologically sustainable and compassionate. PETA or the North American Vegetarian Society can tell you all the reasons it makes so much better sense. Wear the button while you are changing your diet , it will be a helpful reminder and incentive. The bottom line: "peace for all who live" IS really the bottom line for a life that's respectful of other sentient beings. If more people were vegetarians, their health would be better, their health care costs would be less and the world would be better off for the lives saved from premature death (both animals and humans) by the slaughterhouse or by preventable diseases in humans from meat-based diets. It isn't rocket science more just common sense, which isn't so common anymore. Educate yourself and ddcde for yourself. Stay informed. For a start read the classic 1998 book "Mad Cowboy" by cattle rancher & former meat-eater now lifelong vegetarian, Howard Lyman, Check out his website: www.madcowboy.com