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Union Made Custom T-Shirts

We can custom print T-shirts with the image or message of your design on front, back or sleeves.

• Our minimum quantity for screenprinted shirts is 36 pieces.

• Maximum image size we can imprint is 12" wide by 15" tall.

• A wide variety of ink colors are available.

• Shirt colors include: White, Natural, Ash, Athletic Gray, Black, Red, Light Blue, Royal Blue, Navy Blue, Purple, Maroon, Gold, Orange, Pink, Kelly Green, Forest Green, Neon Yellow, Yellow, Tan. The next 5 colors are available only in 50% Cotton/50% Polyester: Brown, Light Gray, Turquoise, Raspberry and Lilac.
Bayside brand offers women's cut t-shirts in these colors: White, Black, Dark Ash, Navy Blue, Bright Pink, Purple, Red and Kelly Green, all in sizes Extra-Small through 3XL.

• PRICES BELOW INCLUDE A ONE COLOR IMPRINT ON ONE SIDE OF A STANDARD 100% COTTON UNION-MADE LifeWear™ brand SHORT-SLEEVED T-SHIRT. We can also imprint on the back or sleeves. Each additional location requires a separate screen and additional imprinting charge.

• Each imprint ink color requires a silkscreen be made. Each screen costs $28

• The standard union-made T-shirts we print on are from one of the four union shirt manufacturers in the U.S. – Lifewear (in PA); Windjammer (in PA), Bayside (in CA), and Rubin Brothers (in IL) brands. They are made of 5.6 ounce 100% cotton, with crew neck, tapered shoulder-to-shoulder. Double needle bottom hem and sleeves. Side seam construction. Bayside's shirts are 6.1 ounce weight.
• We can also get Canvas™ brand U.S. made but not union made, high-end fashionable T-shirts. These are much thinner (4.2 oz. compared with 5.6 oz.) 100% cotton ringspun shirts which have a very soft feel and are fitted and are available in 47 colors.

Production Time: Normally allow 10-15 working days from when we receive your order to when we ship it. Shipping costs vary with distance and how quickly you need to receive it. We can quote shipping costs for your job.

Prices include short-sleeved T-Shirt & imprint on one side:


1 color print

2 color print
3 color print
4 color print

Additional Locations Printing
To print on another location on your garment-- the other side or the sleeve--add the appropriate cost from this chart to the price from the chart above.

Quantity 24-47 48-71 72-143 144-215 216-287

1 color print

$2.55 $2.05 $1.80 $1.60 $1.55
2 color print $3.00 $2.40 $2.15 $2.05 $1.90
3 color print $3.35 $2.75 $2.50 $2.40 $2.55
4 color print $4.10 $3.35 $3.10 $3.00 $2.75

Contact us to place an order, or to request more information.

The price chart shown above is for Short-sleeve T-Shirts 5.5 oz. 100% cotton. Short-sleeve T-Shirts are only available in the following 16 colors: White, Black, Natural, Ash, Athletic Gray, Charcoal (Bayside brand) Gold, Bright Yellow (Bayside brand), Neon Lime, Orange, Forest Green, Kelly Green, Olive Green (Bayside brand), Neon Lime, Pale Blue (Bayside brand), Royal Blue, Navy Blue, Purple, Bright Pink (Bayside brand) Maroon and Red.

To figure prices for 5.5 oz, 100% cotton LONG-SLEEVE T-Shirts, add $3.00 per shirt to those prices. Pleased note that Long-sleeve T-shirts are only available in the following 6 colors: White, Black, Ash, Athletic Gray, Navy Blue and Red.

HEAVYWEIGHT HOODED SWEATSHIRTS are made of 12 oz. - 88% cotton/12% polyester fleece over sized, cross-cut material. They have a sewn-on front muff pocket. They are only available in 2 colors: Ash and Black. To figure prices for Ash color Hooded Sweatshirts, add $21 per sweatshirt to the Short-sleeve T-shirt prices. For Black Hooded Sweatshirts, add $32 to the Short-sleeve T-shirt prices.

We also offer BASIC SWEATSHIRTS (without a hood) made of 8 oz. 50% cotton/50% polyester fleece (for durability) with a crew neck. These are available in the following colors: White, Black, Ash, Navy Blue and Red. To figure prices for the White or Ash, add $9 per basic sweatshirt to the Short-sleeve T-shirt prices. For Black, Navy Blue or Red, add $18 per basic sweatshirt to the Short-sleeve T-shirt prices.

• Here is a link to Bayside's line of union made shirts, etc. as of 2022. They offer five T-shirt colors that other union shirt makers don't have: Bright Yellow, Olive Green, Pale Blue, Bright Pink and Charcoal. Go to their catalogue to view the styles and color options they offer. We can order you any of their unimprinted shirts, etc. for imprinting or to send to you to imprint locally in your community:

If you want just one, two, or fewer than 36 shirts this can be done on white or natural t-shirts, using digital imprint technology, known as Direct-To-Garment (DTG) imprinting. The shirts must be 100% cotton for best imprint quality.
The cost per imprinted shirt is $35, for a one side impirnt up to 9" wide x 12" tall). This price includes the cost of the t-shirt and one side full color imprint. There is no set-up or screen charge, and the image can be one or many colors or even a full color photograph. If you want to send us your own blank 100% cotton shirts, you may deduct $5 from the price. Digital full color printing needs to be done on 100% cotton shirts.
Your artwork should be supplied in one of the following files formats:
• Adobe Illustrator CS2
• Adobe Photoshop CS2
• Adobe Indesign CS2

Accepted files include:
• Illustrator EPS
• TIFF (high-resolution, 300 dots-per-inch at 100% image size)
• Photoshop PSD
• All fonts must be outlined (vector art)


Rather than importing sweatshop-made t-shirts from the well-known corporate brands in the textile industry, the shirts we use support U.S. workers in a vanishing unionized U.S. textile industry. 99.5% of the t-shirt manufacturing jobs are now in sweatshops in countries that prohibit unions (or consider unions to be a threat to the garment business owners, management and investors. These sweatshops are contracted to be run by third party harshly anti-union managers, thus absolving the corporations from any direct culpability for any wrong-doing or poor working conditions. The criminally-negligent absentee transnational corporations are absolved of guilt as they may not directly hire managers who abuse the textile workers in the Central American countries where these manufacturing facilities are located (primarily Honduras at this time) The U.S.-based textile corporations avoid prosecution for the thugs and murderers hired by the third-party managers of the sweatshops who torture, disappear and murder union organizers. Corporations go to wherever a local workforce is the cheapest to hire, impoverished, desperate for work, un-organized and who are easily manipulated by fear, threats and coercion. Just like big business operates inside the U.S. today. The fact that in the U.S. in 2021 there are only 4 unionized tee -shirt and sweatshirt manufacturers left is a sad fact. We need to support these last remaining union manufacturers in the U.S. garment industry that is making 99% of its garments in low-income countries using exploited and even child labor. That's why we use U.S., union-made garments for our custom printing.

Submitting Custom Artwork for T-Shirts

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