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Customer Comments

These are unsolicited, real comments from our customers over the years.

• "The website is wonderful, and I love the items you have to offer. I plan to continue to make purchases..."

– Alicia Cardano
Springfield, MA

• "I thank YOU for being there! For all of us - all the time."

– Marcia B.
Atlanta, GA

• "When I wear these buttons people comment on how simple and attractive they are. I tale the pin off and offer it. I've done this with most of the orders from your company. I've been giving them away. I show them where they can contact you. Thank you. In these insane times, you help us speak PEACE."

- Marlyn M.
Elk Grove, CA

• "The buttons look amazing. Everyone was really happy with them."

- Allen M.
The Arc
Washington, D.C.

• "Just letting you know that I received the VVAW buttons today. They look perfect. Thanks for the excellent service!"

- Dave K., National Staff
Vietnam Veterans Against the War

• "Keep up your amazing work! You are changing lives through your positive messages."

– Mary C.
Hereford, AZ

• "I'm very impressed by your customer service and will share this fact with other teachers. You do good work for the benefit of many! Thank you!"

- Jennifer O.
Wilmington, DE

• "Thanks so much for staying STRONG & RESOLUTE! I remember the SEA Alliance, early 80's in NJ... You and your work are awesome in thought, word and deed! Big Love & Peace to you and your family.

- Marty R.
New Paltz, N.Y.

• "I have bought several of your antenna flags since I got my latest VW Beetle in 2002. Glad to see you are still there! Can't tell you how many positive comments I get about it, including the peace sign, often from kids! Have to also have a Support the Troops magnet, though, as my brother died in Vietnam 42 years ago this July. Thanks for all you do!"

- Ellen B.
Shorewood, WI

• "Thank you! I love these pins. I wear them every day on my physician's white coat. Once in a while a patient will make a comment about it. I've given them away on occasion, too."

– Jane H.
San Bruno, CA

• "Thanks, and more importantly, thanks for being there doing what you're doing. I have been in this fight a long time (since I was 13 and Mom took me to Alabama for the Selma March), but the stakes have never been higher than right now so please know how much your work means to us all."

- Howard C.
Glencoe, IL

• "Thank you so much! [The buttons] arrived yesterday and are exactly as I'd envisioned them. Super work. Will definitely hire y'all again."

- Susanna P.
Cambridge, MA

• "Thanks so much. Always happy to work with you and provide your great products to help resist and reclaim our time!"

- Melanie W.
Prescott, AZ

• "Hello, back in the day (late 1980s) I used to work at Donnelly/Colt. I loved it and you taught me a lot. Hope everyone is doing well."

- Laura T.
Harrisonburg, VA

• "Yes, the custom button racket is working out VERY well. For the first time in several years, our bank balance is creeping up instead of down, and button sales are the main reason."

- Robyn O.
Jamaica Plain, MA

• "Thanks very much for the prompt resolution. I appreciate your great customer service.
p.s. - I give you folks credit for ending the cold war with your great educational pieces about the futility of war. thanks again.

- Paul P.
West Hartford, CT

• "One of the best union/movement print shops ever."

- Steve P.

• "May God bless you and keep you strong. You are illuminating all across America the logic of peace – especially for my students in our 'Students Committed To Peace' group at my high school where I teach. Thanks for all you do for all of us. You are doing more good than you will ever know. All across our country, your products illuminate dark days with hope and wisdom. As a high school teacher I cannot thank you enough. Stay strong – we all need you!"

- Edward J.

• "My family has been ordering stuff from you guys for years now, ever since I was little, and I'm excited now to share your products with my students! ou guys have great stuff! I'm always sending new people to your site. Thanks for everything you do!"

- Anne-Marie
Westwood, MA

• "Thank you guys! Your poster selection is fantastic and I am sure to be ordering more before the school year begins."

- Jen G.
Haverill, MA

• "Thanks! Your company is amazing! I appreciate the work you do!"

– Bonnie K.
Lawrenceville, GA

• " August I ordered my first fifty bumperstickers to start my war on this war in Iraq. Well, my husband and I now have graduated to having our firesrt ever Peace Rally in Bel Air, Maryland. We have decided it is up to us little guys to start making noise."

- Susan A.
Bel Air, MD

• " I want to tell you HOW WONDERFUL it has been to work with Donnelly/ Colt. THEY were terrific!! PLEASE share with any who need bumper stickers etc. I highly RECOMMEND them."

- Yevonne B.
North Carolina

• "You're the best!"

- John Breitbart
New York, N.Y.

• "I received the order this morning. Thank you so much, they're great and only took one week, which was a lovely surprise. Thank you for all your help.

- Aimee Squires
England, U.K.

• "Appears your definition of 'progressive' means [to] stick your head in the sand and let the world do what it wants with the other end. Happily our heroes are out there taking the fight to the enemy."

[no name given, just ""]
Somewhere in the U.S.A.

• "Thanks so much for the buttons, they're beautiful! I'm glad you folks are still in business and I hope you get busier. I will always use you and recommend you. All the best."

- Lauren D.
Brooklyn, N.Y.

• "I always recommend you when people ask about buttons and machines. I tell people you are a family business with very high quality ethics and service."

- Pam A.
Portland, OR 11/30/09

• "First, I don't get paid a dime by this company. I am simply forwarding this informatiion because Donnelly /Colt has been a purveyor of progressive materials for years - [and] has helped us all fight the good fight more effectively. They are good people - people you can actually call and visit with. So, if you are looking for outstanding collection of videos with a social conscience - try them first. People who support similar goals in life should also have our economic support."

- Jerry Steele
Veterans For Peace Cameron, MO 12/15/09

• "Please remove my name from your mailing list! I am now a Christian! And I am against All you represent. "

- Laurie R.
Howard City, MI 10/92

• "...received the banners this afternoon. I'm very impressed with Express Mail and with the superb service I received from your company! Many, many thanks! If you are ever in this 'neck of the woods' please, please let me know; we are really lucky to have a really wonderful restaurant in our village (one to match the best in Glasgow city centre) so I would love to show my appreciation by taking you both there for a meal. Thanks again.

- John K.
Scotland, U.K. 1/15/08

• "Wow! Am I impressed with your products! I ordered about 35 things from you and I wouldn't hesitate to get anything from you again... I can't believe I received my stuff today; I put my order in the post Sunday, the 19th of July and it hasn't even been a week and I've gotten it! I'm very happy with the things I got; you've got a great operation going! Please ALWAYS HAVE ME ON YOUR MAILING LIST!"

- Julie L.
Solon, OH 7/24/92

• "Dear Clay and Kate - Thanks for this special, painful order. It means so very much to us to have this in time for Gabe's [memorial] service. You've helped 'us' out so much politically for so long and now on this level, too. Peace & love."

- Pat Farren & Glenda Alderman
Cambridge, MA

• "I am glad you persist in reminding us all that there is a whole 'nother world outside our doors. Thank you!"

- Elizabeth G.
Santa Fe, NM 1/29/10

• "Dear Kate & Clay, I received my recent order today and just want to say thanks for all you're doing to make this world a better place.
In my life, I've held hands with President Bush (in my defense, it was at Ground Zero on 9/14/01) and been hugged by Cindy Sheehan - so, I know a thing or two about who the truly decent people are, and I'll put you in that category with Cindy.
I'll bet you find things a bit frustrating these days. I sure do, but I'm glad to know there are people like you working to keep "that hopey, changey thing" alive. Thanks!
Keep up the good work."

- Valerie H.
Brooklyn, N.Y. 3/16/10

• "Thanks so much. You're a gem! The parents in Families With Power had this tee shirt idea for a while but I was dragging my feet, dreading the process, hating to make decisions, unable to figure out how to get/make a graphic, etc. You have made this whole process a real pleasure. Thanks."

- Mary C.
Northampton, MA

• "The reason I wanted the poster [the Martin Niemoller quote: "In Germany first they came for the communists..."] I ordered is because it matches the T-shirt I purchased several years ago from you! I wore the T-shirt and put the poster on my sign and then when I left for the day, I taped the poster on the inside of the rotunda on the second floor. I had lots of positive comments and provided your website many times to interested protesters. I have been ordering from you for many years. I want to say since the early 80's when there were no websites and I would receive your catalog in the mail. I am about an hour away from Madison, WI. I took off several days of work to protest with my sister. I do not have a Union job, but need to support the rights of Wisconsin Workers. We grew up in a Union family..."

- Jill N.
Waukesha, WI


• "Thank you for all your support and for the wonderful tee-shirts. People like you make the world a better place, and for that Lakeside Student Awareness Council appreciates you."

- Erica W. '08
Washington state

• "I received your wonderful materials today...thanks for running a company that keeps hope and integrity alive during these difficult times."

- Jean P.
Hancock, N.H.


• "...your catalog is fantastic and has given me great inspiration."

- Angie D.
Dayton, OH


• "Thank you so much for being understanding of my situation!"

- Lindsey T.
Boulder Creek, CA


• "Thanks for all of your help. You have a woinderful website and the world is fortunate to have you as their advocate."

- Lynn C.
Bristol, CT


• "Remember how you sent with me to Russia last June with a bunch of those bumper stickers that say 'Organize!' and show a group of little fish getting together to eat the big fish that had been chasing them earlier? I distributed them to the political youth activists that I interviewed in Moscow. And recently, I had emailed the activists to ask how they were feeling about the big protests in Moscow (against election fraud) in December. These protests, with thousands of people, are absolutely stunning for Russia; there's been nothing like it for about two decades, yet all of a sudden, the fear of the government seems to have lifted - it's amazing. Anyway, one of the anti-government activists who wrote back told me that he had the fish sticker hanging above his desk at work (he works for an opposition political party). He said (my translation): "By the way, remember, you gave me a sticker, on which small fish had gathered into a large fish, and were chasing after the [big] fish-bully? That’s what happened with the rallies. :)" So I thought you'd like to know that the bumper sticker is inspiring some nonviolent political activists over there! All best and happy 2012!"

- Valerie S.
Arlington, MA


• "Thank you for continuing to offer important products."

- Karen B.
Huntington Station, N.Y.


• "One of your peace bumperstickers is now in the Canadian War Msueum on a car classified as a 'peace vehicle.' It's an old station wagon driven across Canada and back by four hugh school students on a year-long tourof hugh schools talking about the arms race and what yiou can do about it, the SAGE Tour. Bet you didn't expect to get into a war museum!"

- Lesley L.
Montreal, Quebec, Canada

• "We have received MANY positive responses to our bumpersticker. One person's comment: 'It says it all.' "

- Margaret D
Chicago, Illinois


• "Continue to stay well – and stay in business. The movement needs you!!"

- Sally B.
Wilmington, Delaware


• "I fell in love with a button at Solarfest, but only the magnet version was with Clay at the time, so he took my address and I just came home to visit my parents and my package was waiting for me. Thank you SO much for the beautiful button AND the complimentary magnet version. That was very, very kind of you, what wonderful customer service. Much appreciation and love."

- Sarah W.


• "I have been using this [peace sign] flag on my VW beetle for so long now. Everyone recognizes my car; kids flash me the peace sign, and I can easily find my car in a parking lot! Thank you!"

- Ellen B.
Shorewood, WI


• "I used to work for Food For Thought Books in Amherst, MA way back in '80s. I remember how exciting it was when the Donnelly/Colt shipment arrived back then, so it was very cool to do a web-search for this calendar and come across you all again."

- Linda M.
Mass. 1/10/13

• "The stickers were fantastic! Thanks so much for getting them out so quickly!" [we custom printed 1,000 stickers that look like $1,000 bills, for a demonstration against Citizens United on the 3rd anniversary of the Supreme Court decision allowing unlimited corporate spending in elections]

- Kim H.
Hartford, CT 1/19/13

• "I was at the Toxics Action conference on Sunday and bought a great bumpersticker from the Donnelly/Colt display table. I was the first customer of the day... Just about every great button or bumpersticker you've ever seen comes from Donnelly/Colt. We lost Northland Posters five years ago, and...Syracuse Cultural workers isn't doing too well, either. Where would the progressive movement be without these folks? Check out the Donnelly/Colt website and see if there is something you... think would make a great gift. We have to support our own!"
- Michaelann Bewsee

• "I am grateful for the awesome t-shirts, toys, pins and other progressive finds you bring to Willimantic. My life is decorated with all things Donnelly/Colt!"

- Dags N.
Willimantic, CT 11/30/13

• "Came home to find my package waiting at my door, and a lovely bulk discount to boot. You guys are the best. Cheers, Jenny"

- Jenny M.
Corning, N.Y. 5/29/14

• "...It's not just the brain that has to function. It's the yetes, the emotions and the heart."

- Jim F.
New York, N.Y. 6/1/14

• "We received the T-shirts this morning. They are beautiful! Thanks so much for the great work. We'll get back to you in the future when we want to do another batch (hopefully a larger quantity)."

- Candace W.
Takoma Park, MD 6/9/14

• "I am a third grade teacher and send a personalized, motivating postcard to each of my students at the end of the summer. I have been ordering postcards from you all for the past 5 or 6 years and love how inspiring your postcards are - thank you!"

- Jacob B.
West Roxbury, MA 7/2/14

• "Thanks for doing all that you folks do. I've seen your products 'around the edges" for years, but finally got smart enough to read the fine print on a sticker, and here we are. I enjoyed reading your story, will explore other resources too. I'm enjoying a new wave of activism now that I'm a grandmother. Keep up the good work!!"

– Kathy B. 1/11/15

•"You all have great products and your great customer service has not gone unnoticed."

– Wanda T.
West Haven, CT 3/15/15

• "I just received my order and I wanted to thank you! They arrived so quickly!! I will definitely be buying all of my parts from you in the future!"

– Molly S.
Philadelphia, PA 3/27/15

• "Thanks for all you do to further the causes of peace, ecology and social justice! All best wishes and solidarity!

– Diane B.
Bloomfield, N.J. 4/2015

• "Thank you for all the wonderful and important work you are doing! It is much appreciated. In solidarity."

– Sumun P.
Claremont, CA 5/2015

• "I just wanted you to know that your message on your "Who We Are" page nearly brought me to tears this morning. Many, many years ago I bought one of your bumper strips and put it on my brand new 1989 Chevy S10 Tahoe Blazer. It read "IF YOU THINK EDUCATION IS EXPENSIVE, TRY IGNORANCE" and over the years it has brought me many appreciative comments. Two years ago my beloved Blazer was damaged in an ice storm but rather than junk it, I undertook a full restoration, in keeping with its newly acquired "antique" auto status. The original bumper strip was badly cracked but I had found a replacement several years ago in a store in Belfast Maine, I believe, and I had kept it in the garage for the day I would need it. When that day came recently, I carefully scraped off the old sticker so as to preserve the part with your company name & contact info. This morning I looked you up on the web to see if the company still existed to find that you are alive and well and doing your work with the same integrity and principles as at your founding. Thank you for sharing your lives in such a public way. Indeed everything we do matters, and change does happen when we dedicate ourselves to it. Thanks for being there all these years."

– Jeanne H.
Belfast, ME 7/6/15

• "What you guys are doing is awesome. I'm a new customer for life."

- Davis E.
Chesapeake, VA 7/12/15

• "Happy 40th" from PFLAG San Francisco!"
- Kenda H., Fran C., Phil C., Rey M., et al San Francisco, CA 9/5/15

• "We have used your company for the past 30 years and still have the same question authority on our cars!! It wouldn't be the same if we didn't get it from you. So glad to hear about your family. Thanks for all your good work over the years!"
- Kathryn D., Jenkintown, PA 3/8/17

Customer Comments