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Custom Union-Made Buttons or Magnet-Backed Buttons

Minimum quantity: 100.

ON SALE until 12/31/2021 TAKE 20% OFF PRICES SHOWN for QUANTITIES OF 250 or more

Production Time: 5 to 7 working days. Allow additional time for the higher quantity production (10,000 or more)

We print eighteen sizes and shapes of buttons
from one color to full color for the same price, using the highest resolution digital printing. The high gloss finish is either heat-laminated or covered with a clear mylar overlay. Either way, the finished buttons are professional, impressive and durable for decades. Over the past 44+ years we've built a reputation for the highest quality, reliable service, dependable production, meeting your deadline challenges and surpassing your expectations. We have NO Set-Up Charges (others charge from $30 to $60 in set-up costs).

IF you find a better price elsewhere for U.S. union-made buttons, tell us. If we can match or better that price - we will. Please provide the website of the button printer

2-DAY RUSH PRODUCTION is available for a $39 Rush charge. (2 work days, excluding holidays, weekends and the day the order is placed so figure 3 days in production plus shipping time.
1-DAY RUSH PRODUCTION is also available for $50 Rush charge. (1 work day, excluding holidays, weekends and the day the order is placed so figure 2 days in production plus shipping time. The maximum numb er of buttons we can print on a 1-Day Rush is 1,000 per day.

DELIVERY CHARGES: Next Day, 2-Day, 3-Day and Ground UPS delivery are options. We ordinarily ship using ther modt erconomicsl choice: UPS Ground. Shipping can become prohibitively costly so please plan ahead to avoid having to do Rush production and overnight shipping. Overnight shipping can cost 2 to 3 times more than the cost of printjng buttons! So please don't put off ordering until the last minute! Realistically, if you can allow 10-14 days (includes shipping transit time within the U.S.) you will avoid a rush charge and expedited shipping charge.

We can typeset and print a short tagline on the rim of your buttons (not visible on the front) at NO extra cost. Keep it as short as possible, like an organization name, year or a "Paid for by..." disclaimer.

ADD U.P.S. GROUND SHIPPING. We use United Parcel Service for safe, reliable and on-time delivery of all custom print orders. Shipping cost is determined by the weight of the package, the distance it has to go and the speed of service you want to pay for.
U.P.S. offers four basic levels of delivery speed:
Ground delivery; Three-Day Air; 2-Day Air; and Next Day. The date you need to receive your order will determine what level of delivery service we will have to use.

ALL BUTTONS CAN BE MADE WITH A MAGNET ON BACK instead of a pin for .35 extra per button in the 2.25", 2.5", 3" 2" square and 2" x 3" rectangular shapes. You can order some as buttons and some with magnet backings.

Round Celluloid Buttons, Single to Full Color

100 250 500 1,000 2,500 5,000 10,000
1" $90 $140 $265 $380 $850 $1,550 $2,600
1.25" $95 $140 $265 $380 $650 $1,600 $2,550
1.5" $96 $140 $265 $380 $650 $1,600, $2,550
1.75" $146 $195 $270 $390 $825 $1,600 $2600
2.25" $152 $205 $290 $390 $950 $1,850 $2,800
2.5" $158 $270 $310 $425 $987 $1,900 $3,400
3" $170 $235 $320 $470 $1,100 $2,200 $3,900
3.5" $186 $285 $380 $540 $1,300 $2,500 $5,700

Note: 1" Size available only with Lock Pin. The lock pin can be seen in the illustration of a button on this page, showing position of rim edge and back.
Note: RUSH ORDERS for 1" can be printed and assembled on a rush, but the lock pins cannot be inserted in the 1 or 2 day rush time. For Rush Orders the lock pins will be packed in the box separately for you to insert into the backs. For all NON-rush orders, we will insert the lock pins into the backs of the 1" buttons. No machine exists to do this step in the assembly: all 1" lock pins are always hand-inserted, either at the factory or by the customer. You can deduct $5 per 1,000 buttons when you order the 1" buttons without the lock pins inserted in the back. Instead, the lock pins will be packed separately in a bag and you would have to insert them into the back of each 1" button. It is easy but tedious, and you will do about 20-25 per minute. The safety pin style is not available for the 1" size button, but it is standard on every other size. (1" is too small for it). All other sizes and shapes have safety pins already on the back.

We will set your custom text on the rim edge of any size or shape button at no extra cost. Please keep it as brief as possible. A copyright year & name, a website and phone number is usually best.

Various Shaped Celluloid Buttons, Single to full color.

100 250 500 1,000 2,500 5,000 10,000
1.75" x 2.75" Oval $168 $235 $350 $520 $1200 $2250 $4000
2" x 3" Rectangle $172 $235 $350 $520 $1200 $2250 $4300
1.75" x 2.75" Oblong $176 $250 $345 $500 $1125 $2150 $3800
1.5" x 1.5" Square or Diamond $158 $220 $310 $440 $925 $1750 $3200
2" x 2" Square $164 $230 $320 $450 $1000 $1900 $3400
2.25" Heart $166 $255 $360 $600 $1400 $2700 $5200
2" Triangle $180 $277 $440 $670 $1595 $2995 $5800
1" x 2" Rectangle $150 $250 $325 $499 $1,050 $1,800 $3,400
2" x 2" Octagon
(stop sign)
$200 $390 $495 $770 $1825 $3550 $6500

Contact us to place an order, or to request more information: (860) 455-9621 or email: clay ["at"]donnellycolt ["dot"] com

NEW: We can now make smaller quantities of 25 or 50 in four sizes:
the 1", 1.5", 2.25" and 3" Round.
25 of the same design, in the same size, the total cost is $64.00 + shipping.
50 of the same design, in the same size, the total cost is $78.00 + shipping.

NEW - L.E.D. LIGHT on Buttons!
We can now add one small Light Emitting Diode (L.E.D.) light onto button, starting at a quantity of 100. Button has to be at least 1.5" in diameter to fit the light and 100-hour tiny coin-shaped battery inside the back of the buttons. The cost to add this L.E.D. is an extra $1.25 per button. The light is available in 8 colors: Red, Orange, Pink, White, Green, Blue, Purple and Yellow. $25 Set-Up charge.

Customprinted Labels for Back of Buttons or Stickers (Roll of 500)
$220.00 $135.00 On Sale!
We are offering these custom printed labels at our cost as a special service to our customers who order buttons at wholesale or button parts. The minimum number of labels you can order is 500. At higher quantities (1,000 and up) the price per label is considerably lower than at 500. For groups or shops who buy our buttons last wholesale and want to have a way for their customers to contact them again this labels are the solution. We customprint your contact info in black on white self-stick labels on a rol, and send them to you to apply to each of there buttons you order from us (or anyone else). The labels are small enough 1/2" by 3/4" to fit on the back of even the smallest buttons we sell.
Size: 1/2" tall x 3/4" self-stick paper labels.
Your own wording on up to 4 lines (13 upper case characters per line or 21 lower case letters per line.
Your choice of one of the following Ink Colors: Black, Red, Green, Blue, or Purple. Ink is for the color of the text (reversal printing is NOT recommended on this small size of label.
Your choice of one of the following Paper Colors: White Gloss (recycled), Yellow Gloss; ALSO Fluorescent (Dayglo) colors: Red, Yellow, Green, Light Orange, Pink (black ink only on all fluorescent color papers, since other colors don't print in their accurate color on fluorescent paper); ALSO Matte Finish Silver Metallic.
Only choose one ink and one paper color per order of 500 labels. Because the text will be tiny, we will set it in a clear Ariel or Ariel Narrow font.
Suggested information for each line of text:
Line 1: (your organization's name)
Line 2: (continue name if needed; or phone number)
Line 3: (e-mail adddress)
Line 4: (website; or price you want to sell button for)

Putting labels on the backs of all buttons (both buttons you make and buttons you buy already made from anyone else) is a smart way to identify and promote your group, get repeat orders and new orders. You can also put these labels on the backs of bumperstickers, postcards, etc. It will also direct people to your website. We are offering these at our cost to help you promote your organization. They are less expensive when ordered in larger quantities (1,000). See below (product CL-1000) for pricing. Ask us for much lower pricing as low as $7.00 per 1,000 for up to 50,000 (all the same imprint).

TO ORDER: Write the wording you want, line by line (4 lines maximum), in the "Comments" section after you click to add this item to your shopping cart. Click once only for a roll. Unless you indicate otherwise, we will print them in black ink on white labels.
You can also order these by emailing us at info "at" donnellycolt "dot" com

Submitting Custom Artwork for Buttons & Stickers
Custom Buttons or Magnet-Backed Buttons

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