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Custom Union-made Bumperstickers

We can custom silkscreen print your design in one or multiple imprint colors. Standard production time is now just 3 working days! If you want a message typeset, without any artwork, we can do the typesetting for free, and email you a proof to approve or modify before we print your order. We now can screen print from 125 to 15,000 one and two color bumperstickers on a 1 Day Rush! UPS Ground shipping is 3 Days to either coast from our centrally-located midwest union sign, banner and sticker production shop. Email clay "at" donnellycolt "dot" com for pricing for 1 Day Rush bumperstickers. You can also text us at 860 428-4867.

Over the past four decades we have printed millions of stickers in many sizes, shapes and colors. We can also screen print in full color in 5 working days. Bumperstickers are available in several standard sizes, as listed below.

Standard glossy inks are used for screen printing in a wide range of colors. We can mail you a free chart of actual samples of all 31 of the screen printed ink colors. This will show you actual samples of the inks on the vinyl. Colors viewed on computer monitors are never accurate.

Silkscreen printing is the preferred method to print stickers. It has proven to be the best way to produce an extremely high quality sticker. Digital is best for indoor, short term use labels. Screen printed stickers last for 3 to 5 years oudoors in all weather conditions. Digital printed stickers' outdoor durability is at best 2 years. However, it is great for full color artwork that can be scanned.
• ASK us to mail you a free sample of a full color digitally-printed bumpersticker.

Only on screen printed stickers, the backing sheet (reverse side) can also be imprinted in black ink. A backing imprint "Extra Color" can be done the cost of one additional imprint color at each quantity. The backing peel-offsheet can be effectively used to include more information on an issue, a membership form, a coupon, etc. (but we cannot imprint the backing sheet on one-day rush orders – there isn't enough time in an 8 hour work day to print both sides of the stickers)
The Union Label will be imprinted when requested.

Prices shown include:

  • Imprinting:

    Any of 31 standard ink colors on white or Yellow 4 mil Vinyl. The ink can be used for the lettering and/or graphic, or for the background color (with the lettering and/or graphic in the white of the vinyl.
    • The yellow vinyl is close to PMS 116 in color.
  • Art: Setting of text in any of our Standard Typefaces, Basic Design, or Reproduction of Camera-Ready Art is included at no extra cost in the prices.

  • Proof: A color proof can be emailed if you want one. You approve or modify the proof and email it back. Production is on hold until we receive your proof back by emai, textl or verbal approval by phone.
    Once we get your approval to go into production, the production time is 3 working days (weekends and national holidays excluded).
  • Stickers have a Back-Slit for ease of application.

Extra charges:

  • Custom Art: If you don't want to send a print-ready digital file of a design by email, we can typeset your message. There is no extra charge to have us set type in any of the many fonts available (see samples).

  • Ink: Matching of PMS Ink Colors: $38 per ink color matched. Please give us the 3 or 4-digit Pantone Matching System (PMS) Number.

  • Copy or Design Change:
    $38.00 for each change per color. The change must be in multiples of 125 (i.e. - 250, 375, 500, 625, 750, 875, 1,000 etc.). Item, material and colors must be the same and all copy must be received at one time.

The following prices include all costs, except Extra Charges shown above and shipping.


3" x 9"
3.75" x 7.5"

1 color
$1.54 $0.96 $0.58 $0.39 $0.245 $0.16 $0.117 $0.106
Each additional color add
$0.89 $0.49 $0.27 $0.16 $0.096 $0.054 $0.032 $0.022
3" x 11.5"
1 color
$1.44 $0.88 $0.56 $0.38 $0.26 $0.18 $0.139 $0.122
Each additional color add
$0.93 $0.49 $0.26 $0.149 $0.08 $0.053 $0.032 $0.022
3.75" x 11.5"
2.75" x 15"
1 color
$1.57 $0.98 $0.63 $0.43 $0.30 $0.202 $0.16 $0.15
Each additional color add
$1.00 $0.60 $0.33 $0.18 $0.10 $0.064 $0.032 $0.022
3.75" x 15"
1 color
$1.56 $0.98 $0.65 $0.46 $0.35 $0.23 $0.20 $0.18
Each additional color add
$1.00 $0.53 $0.31 $0.18 $0.10 $0.65 $0.043 $0.032
4" x 6"
1 color
$2.00 $1.14 $0.69 $0.43 $0.30 $0.27 $0.20 $0.17
Each additional color add
$0.85 $0.44 $0.25 $0.143 $0.11 $0.077 $0.044 $0.03
3" Round
1 color
$1.59 $0.91 $0.52 $0.31 $0.24 $0.165 $0.11
Each additional color add
$0.70 $0.40 $0.21 $0.12 $0.08 $0.055 $0.035
4" Round
1 color
$1.76 $1.02 $0.56 $0.36 $0.26 $0.20 $0.14
Each additional color add
$0.79 $0.41 $0.23 $0.13 $0.10 $0.07 $0.038
3" x 4.5"
1 color
$1.76 $1.02 $0.56 $0.36 $0.26 $0.20 $0.14
Each additional color add
$0.79 $0.41 $0.23 $0.13 $0.10 $0.07 $0.038
4" x 4"
1 color
$1.76 $1.02 $0.56 $0.36 $0.26 $0.20 $0.14
Each additional color add
$0.78 $0.41 $0.23 $0.13 $0.10 $0.07 $0.038
2" x 3" Oval
2.5" x 4" Oval
2.5" x 4"
3" x 3" Octagonal;
1 color
$1.76 $1.02 $0.56 $0.36 $0.26 $0.20 $0.14
Each additional color add
$0.79 $0.41 $0.23 $0.13 $0.10 $0.07 $0.038

(many other sizes and shapes available - call or email for a price quote on the size and shape you want a decal made).

Screen printed on white or yellow vinyl for indoor and outdoor longterm durability. Union label available to be imprinted. Backing paper can also be imprinted in black at the one Additional color price.


The following standard colors are available at no additional charge. The colors on your screen do not match the actual colors - we use them in the chart to help you find the color group you're looking for.
•If you want to see the colors accurately, you need to ask us to mail you a sticker & decal ink color chart. We provide the Pantone Matching System (PMS) code number equivilent, so you can look it up in a PMS Color swatch book (available at art suply stores and color print shops).

Code Name PMS Equivalent
#10 Primrose Yellow 102
#12 Medium Yellow 116
#40 Mineral Orange 021
#20 Brilliant Orange PMS Warm Red
#13 Medium Brown 470
#16 Brown 4695
#15 Tan 719
#25 Cool Gray 428
#27 Dove Gray 429
#29 Gray 11
#31 Pale Blue 277
#24 Process Blue PMS Process Blue
#21 Peacock Blue 293
#22 Ultra Blue 2756
#33 Purple 2613
#43 Teal 3282
#41 Bright Green 354
#39 Emerald Green 347
#16 Dark Green 343
#32 Pink 211
#18 Rhodamine Red 226
#19 Fire Red 200
#17 Carmine Red 201
#37 Maroon 202
#57 Fluorescent Yellow 809
#55 Fluorescent Orange 811
#53 Fluorescent Red 805
#58 Fluorescent Green 802
#35 Metallic Silver 877
#36 Metallic Gold 874 

* Fluorescent (also called "neon" or DayGlo™) colors only look good with a black or dark color background.

There is no additional cost for using any of the above colors. We can match any other PMS color (with some variation due to differences in ink lots) at an additional cost of $39 per color. Because of ink lot variations, it is not possible to guarantee exact color matches. Call, fax, or e-mail us for details. Remember, the colors you see on your screen do not match the actual ink colors.

One Day Rush Orders for Bumperstickers

Normal production time for screenprinted bumperstickers is 3 working days (weekends and holidays excluded) from the day your print-ready digital design is received by e-mail at our shop.
• ONE WORKING DAY RUSH Production is available with the following restrictions:
3 sticker Sizes - 3" x 9", • 3.75" x 7.5", • 3" x 11.5", • 3.75" x 11.5" • 3.75" x 15" and 2.5" x 9.25" bumperstickers. White Vinyl only. Back imprinting not available. Orders received by email before Midnight Monday night before Midnight will ship Tuesday afternoon. Orders received Friday will ship Monday afternoon Eastern Time will ship out the next business day! This is the fastest productoin service in the industry for union made screen printed bumperstickers.
Ink colors: Any of our 31 standard ink colors. No full color or PMS Color Matches available on Rush orders. No backing sheet imprint on Rush orders. Minimum quantity: 125. Maximum quantity: 15,000.

One Day Rush means that production begins the day following the day you place your order, and ships at the end of that day. Please call us (860-455-9621) for pricing and to place a One Day Rush Bumpersticker order. An overnight rush service such as UPS Red Next Day deliver, Express Mail, or Federal Express may be needed. Exact cost can be determined when you place your order.

Shipping by any means other than regular ground delivery UPS requires additional shipping charges.

You may submit your finished ("print-ready") design by e-mail or on disk. If you mail us a disk, please include a color printout on paper showing us the design. Computer-generated design must be Spot Color Digital Vector Artwork (line art created in a drawing program) Compress your files for faster upload with less chance of transfer interruptions using Stuffit™ for Windows and Macintosh, or Zip for Windows (art created in Windows must be exported or saved as Mac-compatible) Macintosh Specs:
Preferred Programs are:
• Adobe Illustrator (9.0 or higher)
• FreeHand (8.0 or higher)
• Quark Xpress (4.0 or higher).

Fonts - Convert text to paths, curves or outlines (vector art). If this is not possible, send in both screen and printer Type 1 fonts used for the art to be printed. Be sure to list all font names used.

Support Files -
• EPS - Illustrator: Save as Illustrator EPS
• FreeHand: Save as editable EPS
• Quark Xpress: Save page as EPS. TIFF - PhotoShop file saved as 300 d.p.i. grayscale at actual size
• PDF - File must contain: vector art, high resolution (300 d.p.i.) grayscale images for halftones, postscript fonts. General guidelines: Keep art 1/8" from the edge or continue past the edge 1/8" if the imprint color is to bleed. If two colors touch, the lighter color should bleed under the dark color by 1/32".
Call (860-455-9621) or email clay "at" donnellycolt "dot" com
to place an order, or to request more information.

* Why the Union Label is important: It lets anyone know that these were produced in a unionized shop in the U.S., where the printers have the right to collective bargaining for workplace health, safety, gender equity and fair wages. Most workers in most businesses in the U.S. and the rest of the world do not have these rights. Less than 9% of the U.S. workforce is in a labor union. Transnational corporations increasingly "outsource" work to countries where labor unions are outlawed, violently opposed, internally co-opted or non-existent. The global sweatshop dominates and continues to grow. That's why it's important to print in union shops and support organized labor here in the U.S. and in every country.
Submitting Custom Artwork for Buttons & Stickers

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