DVD: Liberty Bound - Is the U.S. bound for liberty or does it just have liberty bound?

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the Bush admnistration's war-focused foreign policy is actually centered on oil and empire-building.
Liberty Bounds explores the state of the union through original footage, archived footage and interviews with people such as Howard Zinn, Michael Parenti, and Michael Ruppert. We talk with people who have been interrogated by the Secret Service for doing such things as sending an email, turning around at a Bush speech and having a philosophical discussion on a train. We can offer it at a deep discount, since these are the last of the filmmakers' self-distributed copies.
Viewer's comments: "It's been more than five months since I've seen this film and to this day I'm a changed person because of it. This was my first introduction to Howard Zinn and Michael Parenti, two individuals I've come to respect. Powerful film! Tell a friend." Shawn Cardoza
"An intoxicating initial film, built on guts and determination ... as [filmmaker] Christine Rose was on across-country breakout tour [with this movie] she described an immigrant lady from Germany saying 'This is exactly what happened during the Third Reich.' " David Davis, Shawnee Mission, KS

This is a brilliant first feature film by a truly independent filmmaker. It was made through the sheer will, determination, perserverance and vision of director Christine Rose. Operating with no outside funding, the film was picked up at the Cannes Film Festival by a French distributor, giving it international exposure, and a theatrical premiere in Paris.
Christine Rose, the American producer, writer and director of the feature-length documentaries LIBERTY BOUND (2004) and INTERNATIONALLY SPEAKING (2005) started making films out of a deep desire for an artistic outlet that merged her creative core with her technological talents. Focusing mainly on political and controversial themes, her work has been viewed around the world. She has relentlessly pursued diverse and litigious issues that are at the crux of social and political life in the U.S. She is a committed and tireless activist since her days as a student.