DVD: Bringing Down A Dictator


...rock music, and a willingness to be arrested. Their courage and audacity inspired others to overcome their fear and join the fight.
"Otpor!" students were the shock troops in what became an army of huyman rights and pro-democracy actovists who systematically undermined police and army loyalty to Milosevic and forced him to call early elections. When Milosevic refused to accept his defeat at the polls, the people responded with a general strike. As normal life ground to a halt, Serbs by the hundreds of thousands descended on the capital on October 5th to seize the parliament in a dramatic triumph for democracy. Milosevic wasarrested and extradited to the Hague to stand trial at the International Court of Human Rights for crimes against humanity in June 2001. "We were a group of fans of life/ And this is why we succeeded." a Serbian Student Resistance leader.