Banner: Rainbow Peace Flag String

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Designed by artist Amara Wahaba Karuna in Hawaii, where she has been designing banners since 2001. The banners are hand produced works of art created in fair-trade small family-run shops in Bali. Amara knows all of the artists who create each banner from her designs. Here's what she says about her art: "I greatly enjoy the process of translating subtle emotions and ideas unto a graphic image. I prefer to create art that is based on spiritual awareness, and which uplifts and inspires the biewer. My own spiritual path is central to my life, and through my artwork I attempt to honor ther Spirit in all forms and spiritual paths."
Amara has been a graphic artist since 1980, and has illustrated several boks and magazines. She taught Re-evaluation Co-counseling, a form of peer counseling, for over fuve years and has been studying and practicing it suince 1983. Dhe has led many 12-week classes, support groups and one-day workshops using this style. In 1994 she began developoing her own approach to peer counseling, called Wholistic Peer Support, integrating many ideas from R.C. with spiritual meditation practices, psychic healing, and body-centered techniques.
She is a minister, teacher and initiator on the Sufi path and hasd been studying that path, which encourags honoring all religions, since 1983. Sh has served as Secretary and then as Chairperson on the Core of the International Council for the Dances of Universal Peace.
Her business, Karuna Arts, in Hawaii, which she began in 2001, continues to thrive and grow, with many beautiful hand-batiked fabric art designs. Her designs have touched the hearts of many all over North America and other countries.

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