DVD: McLibel: The Story of Two People Who Wouldn't Say McSorry


The film's director, wrote: " [B.B.C.'s] Channel 4 picked McLibel as the 14th best film of the last decade. But their website seems to have deleted all mention of it... there was honestly a big feature all about the best films and we even made it into the opening paragraph, which has somehow survived the cull: 'As this most clunkily-named decade, the Noughties, goes gently into that good night, we've seen fit to round-up our pick of the best films from the cinematic era that gave us Steve Coogan Hollywood movie star, saw a postman taking on McDonald's and winning in McLibel, while a splatstick horror director from New Zealand by the name of Peter Jackson changed the face of cinema with a story about some plucky midgets.' "

Considering how many new documentaries are released every month f every year, being "14th" best in a decade with 120 months in it is quite an accomlpishment for a next-to-nothing budget independently made film.

DVD EXTRAS Include: Bonus interviews with experts including Eric Schlosser, author of "Fast Food Nation;" commentaries by the filmmakers and defendants; zecret taped settlement meetings; quiz game; photo gallery; trailers...and more!

"Truly, hilariously dramatic. Riveting." S.F. Weekly

"An irresistable David-and-Goliath tale." The Seattle Times