DVD: Uncovered: The War on Iraq


The story of how truth became the first American casualty in Iraq. This is clearly the best film on how we were "sold" the idea of starting a pre-emptive war.

This controversial and arresting film offers an in-depth look at the actual arguments, speeches and spin given by President Bush and his senior advisors before, during, and after the Iraq invasion. It raises tough issues and asks questions of the government that have yet to be answered.

Watch as they rely on rhetoric in lieu of hard evidence to justify a war.
Listen to their justifications change to accommodate certain inconvenient and very relevant facts (such as the continued inabilty to find Iraqi weapons of mass destruction).
Go behind the walls of government, as CIA, Pentagon, and foreign service expert speak out, many for the first time, detailing the lies, misstatements, and exaggerations that served as the reasons to fight a "preemptive" war that wasn't necessary.

Contains compelling footage of Bush, Rice, Cheney, Powell, and others painting a very clear picture of the distorted intelligence and "spin and hype" presented to Congress, the United Nations, and the American people. Those interviewed include former Ambassador Joe Wilson, wepons inspectors Scott Ritter and David Albright, former Director of CIA Stansfield Turner, former Asst. Secretary of Defense Philip Coyle, anit-terrorism expert Rand Beers, former CIA analysts Ray McGovern and Mel Goodman, former CIA operative Robert Baer, and Washington editor of "The Nation", David Corn.

Even those who supported the war should be deeply concerned about the way informaiton was misused - the time has come for the truth to be heard.

English/Spanish subtitles, New, expanded 2005 version 84 minutes. DVD Extras:
Full interview with former top U.S. weapons inspector David Kay
Q & A session with filmmaker Robert Greenwald, civil rights activist, author and former politician Tom Hayden, actor/activist Mike Farrell and 27-year C.I.A. analyst Ray McGovern
Bonus interview with Greenwald
Controversial 2004 documentary "Soldiers Pay" from director David O. Russell (Three Kings)

"A sober and devastating critique of Bush's foreign policy." - TIME
"About as damning a document as one can imagine." - NEWSDAY
"An astounding array of facts...viewing is mandatory." - David Sterrit, CHRISTIAN SCIENCE MONITOR
"UNCOVERED is important for everyone, not just anti-Bush partisans." - Ann Homaday, WASHINGTON OST
"A powerful case against the war that's difficult to challenge." - VARIETY