Peace and Justice Cobalt Blue Glass Mug


"I just wanted to tell you a story about the 'life' of one of your products: About 15 years ago I was the Director of Religious Education at a small Unitarian Universalist church. One year I gave all the Sunday School teachers your Peace and Justice blue glass mug with the Margaret Mead quote on one side and the peace cranes on the other. Not only had we studied Peace & Justice that year, but we had made cranes--not without struggle :-)--and that quote is in our hymnal as an affirmation.
So now here we are 15 years later and the teenager who was the nursery supervisor then--now a young woman in her early 30s--just posted the quote on her Facebook page, described the mug and said that years later she'd studied Mead's work in college and "she quickly became one of my favorite icons of all time". She says the mug is her favorite and she drinks from it nearly every day.
This was a reminder to me what kind of impact we can have on individuals even when we're not paying very much attention and I figured you might like to know what kind of impact you've had as well."
- Cynthia M.,
western Mass.