T-Shirt: Towards A Just Peace: Feed / Teach / House / Employ

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This design is from the "End Conscription Campaign" in the Republic of South Africa in the 1980's. White South African conscripted soldiers refused to fight for the apartheid government against Black South Africans. A growing number of young white South Africans actively resisted participation in the racist regime of their own goverment and played a key role in helping undermine Apartheid. This was one of many fronts that challenged the legitimacy of that regime. It took a multi-faceted opposition and pressure to finally bring Apartheid to an end. It seemed for generations to be a permanent, immovable institution. In the end, it , too, fell because it was morally and ethically wrong and a world-wide movement arose to actively oppose it for many years.

Also available as an 11" x 17" Poster (Search: P-TAJP)

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