DVD: The "Not in Our Town" series


...cooperation when forces of disintegration threatened. (27 minutes)
Not In Our Town II is six compelling new stories about people working to create hate-free towns, cities, workplaces and schools. (56 minutes)
Not In Our Town Across America: How communities across the country have used the Billings story to start a national campaign against hate. (9 minutes)
National Educational Media Golden Aple Award
National Education Association Excellence in Broadcasting Award
CINE Golden Eagle award
Jewish Video Festival Lindheim Award
Critical tools for anyone concerned with ending prejudice and inspiring community involvement. Excellent for middle school, high school, college and adult audiences.
"A story of hatred conquered by courage." - Miami Herald
"...strongly recommended..." (3.5 stars) - Video Librarian
"Not In Our Town is one way to get every community to talk about what racism means and the responsibility that all people of good will have to fight itwherever and whenever we confront it. We must all say loudly and firmly, Not in our town!" - Dr. Bernice Powell Jackson, Civil Rights Journal