DVD: What I've Learned About U.S. Foreign Policy

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The War Against the Third World:
CIA covert operations and US military interventions since World War II what you didn't learn in school and don't hear on the mainstream media.
Featuring the following:

1. Martin Luther King Jr. speaking out against the war in Vietnam (2:55) Powrtful, rarely shown footage from April 4, 1967 speech at Riverside Church, N.Y.C.
2. John Stockwell, Ex-CIA Station Chief
3. Coverup: Behind the Ian-Contra Affair. A history of CIA covert operation in Nicaragua in the '80's.
4. School of the Assasins (U.S. Army's Torture Training Academy in Fort Benning, GA)
5. Genocide by Sanctions - about the 5,000+ Iraqi children who die every month of preventable diseases because of U.S. sanctions against medical aid to Iraq the 12 years between the George H.W. Bush's 1991 Gulf War and George W. Bush's 2003- ) war on Iraq.
6. Philip Agee, former CIA case officer & author "Inside The Company"
7. Amy Goodman, host of "Democracy Now" (www.democracynow.org)
8. "The Panama Deception" excerpt from Academy Award-winner, Best Documentary
9. Ramsey Clark, former U.S. Attorney General on U.S. foreign policy
10. S. Brian Willson, Vietnam Veteran for Peace, who lost his legs when run over by a naval train in Oakland, CA carrying weapons headed to kill innocent civilians in Central America.

Unfortunately, an excellent 20 minute piece from a 1987 Bill Moyers TV expose entitled "The Secret Government" had to be removed from this compilation, under threat from a lawyer representing the copyright owner. He would not allow the public distribution or presentation of the program, and would not give any reason for the censorship (the program had already been broadcast nationally in 1987 on PBS, so he could not claim "national security" as a justification for this present-day censorship). This is just one more example of how history is controlled, and truth is manipulated, managed and disappeared. The subject of that program entitled "The Secret Government" which aired nationally on PBS in 1987 is now deemed off-limits for U.S. citizens to see or hear. Because it discussed in detail our CIA's active involvement in the overthrow and murder of heads of state that our government wanted eliminated. This information is now deemed too sensitive (or shameful?) for any American audience to view today. Do a Google search for the Bill Moyers program "The Invisible Government" from 1987. As of 2012 you could find the entire 90 minute program to view online. Yet it cannot be distributed on DVD, broadcast on TV or shown in theatres. Here's what wikipedia says about this program in its entry for Bill Moyers: In 1987 Moyers produced and hosted a scathing documentary, The Secret Government: The Constitution in Crisis, covering the infringement on the limitations on government and the executive branch provided by the Constitution. It considered U.S. foreign policy and militarism historically and recently, centering on the Iran–Contra affair. It was harshly rebuked by conservatives and continuing into the 1990s was used by Republicans as a reason to threaten the funding of the Corporation for Public Broadcasting and PBS.