DVD: War Made Easy - How Presidents & Pundits Keep Spinning Us to Death

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By familiarizing viewers with the techniques of war propaganda, War Made Easy encourages us to think critically about the messages put out by today's spin doctors messages which are designed to promote and prolong a policy of militarism under the guise of the "war on terror." The Must-See film of this and next year; it can change minds in this crucial transitional time. You will not see it on television, but you can show it throughout your community, county or region, to help counter the dumbing-down of America by mainstream media, the government and the military.

REVIEWS OF THE BOOK the film is based on...

"Norman Solomon has been exploring the hard questions for thirty years, asking in particular, why our media serves us so poorly in making sense of the choices we face. War Made Easy looks at the lies we tell ourselves as we annihilate life and liberty and call it freedom." Paul Rogat Loeb, editor "The Impossible Will Take a Little Longer"

"Brutally persuasive...a must-read for those who would like greater context with their bitter morning coffee, or to arm themselves for the debates about Iraq that are still to come." Los Angeles Times

"Solomon's timely analysis, which continues through the current war in Iraq, provides the public, analysts, and journalists with useful tips on how to evaluate the pre-war messages of ANY administration, current or historical." Judy Solberg, Library Journal

"Norman Solomon is one of the bravest and best American journalists, especially when he is dissecting the topics of war and the media. War Made Easy exposes and explains the lies and deceptions that have misled our nation into vile and bloody disasters from Vietnam to El Salvador to Iraq; it reveals the frequent cowardice and culpability of the U.S. media that often behaves as a propaganda arm of the Pentagon. War Made Easy iks a sobering and essential book that Americans should read, share and discuss." John Stauber, co-author "Weapons of Mass Deception" and "Banana Republicans"

This is really one DVD to give to your local library, clergy person and the high school social studies teacher who understands the importance of promoting critical thinking, especially during this present wartime.