Poster: King 1967 Speech


"We have moved from the era of
civil rights to the era of human
rights, an era where we are called
upon to raise certain basic questions
about the whole society. We have
been in a reform movement...
But after Selma and the voting
rights bill, we moved into a new
era, which must be the era of
revolution. We must recognize that
we can't solve our problem now
until there is a radical redistribution
of economic and political power...
this means a revolution of values
and other things. We must see now
that the evils of racism, economic
exploitation and militarism are all
tied together... you can't really get
rid of one without getting rid of
the others... the whole structure of
American life must be changed.
America is a hypocritical nation
and (we) must put (our) own house
in order."

Martin Luther King, Jr.
May 4, 1967 (one year before he was assassinated)
Riverside Church
New York City