Flag: 2' x 3' Earth Flag


Flying the Earth Flag is a visible statement of peace, hope, affirmation and love, a positive celebration of this planet we and everyone and everything we know that has ever lived, calls home. This iconic image of our home planet has changed the way people the world over view this place we call Earth.

After seeing this photo, John McConnell, founder of the first Earth Day in 1970, originated the first Earth Flag. This is the original and authentic Earth FlagŪ endorsed by John McConnell. For the first time in history, humans were able to see the entirety of our planet from the vastness of space...

For many, this changed perpective led to a change in attitude toward our stewardship for the planet, and a renunciation of the centuries-old Biblical attitude that we must command dominion over the earth. This conqueror attitude is being replaced by the belief that we must be stewards of the earth.

To really solve the global environmental crises will require that we work locally and think globally. We hope the Earth Flag will inspire many to take on the challenges facing all of us. For more of the history and other news and views about the Earth Flag, visit its official website: www.earthflag.net