DVD: Paul Jacobs & The Nuclear Gang

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The film won the Interfilm Award at the 1979 Mannheim-Heidelberg International Film Festival in Germany. It has been out of print and unavailable for over 20 years andonly in 2006 has it become available on DVD-R format. Note that this is just a direct transfer fromcthe film to DVD-R. It is not a aurthored DVD edition. It does not have "Chapters" or any "special features" - it is just the original film transferred to DVD (not re-mastered). The film was never released on VHS video format, only in 16mm film. It was only with our urging that they have made it available in this DVD edition at all. It is a DVD-R, transferred from a 16mm print to DVD. It is not an authored DVD, (i.e., it does not have "chapters" or any "extras". The price is higher than most DVDs because these are copied in small batches of five at a time for us by the distributor. This was a film close to our early anti-nuclear activism in the late '70's to early '80's. It was the film that we purchased a 16mm print of in 1980 and personally brought it, a projector and screen to schools, libraries and any venue that would let us show it for six years (just before VHS video tape movies became available).
Paul Jacobs developed cancer from his exposure to radiation during his investigation at the Nevada test site and died before the film was completed. He left a legacy as a truth-seeker and that rarest of his profession: a courageous investigative journalist. An excellent film for classroom use for middle and high school social studies.