Self-Inking Rubber Stamp: Image of Harriet Tubman to stamp over Andrew Jackson on Twenty Dollar bills

$25.00 $12.00 On Sale!

This Do-It-Yourself alternative is one way to get Harriet Tubman's picture on twenty dollar bills without waiting until 2028 (the year Trump's Treasury Secretary Steve Mnucin says would be the soonest a decision could be made about printing the Harriet Tubman twenty dollar bills.)
Have bill-stamping events at home: invite friends, or hold an event in a public venue or outdoor place, promote the event in advance on social media, have the rubber stamps ready for people to use to stamp their twenties. Set up a table weekly or monthly at a popular location for people to stamp their twenties with Harriet Tubman over Andrew Jackson. The stamp comes with 5 practice sheets for aligning the image accurately. It also includes a black ink pad
The rubber stamper is also available as an old style wooden rubber stamp with a separate black ink stamp pad for $25. See Item : RS-HT.

Also available for $20 as an old style wooden rubber stamp without an ink pad (if you already have an ink pad)