Rubber Stamp: Harriet Tubman (with black ink pad)


The Trump administration refuses to allow the new Harriet Tubman twenty dollar bills to be printed and put into circulation for three reasons:

•because of Trump's personal racism and affinity for white supremacy,

•because the plan to revise the $20 bill was made during his predecessor's administration.

•and because his favorite U.S. President is Andrew Jackson, the slave owner and architect of the Trail of Tears forced relocation of indigenous people during his administration

This Do-It-Yourself alternative is one way to get Harriet Tubman's picture on twenty dollar bills without waiting until 2028 (the year Trump's Treasury Secretary Steve Mnucin says would be the soonest a ddcision cold be made about printing the Harriet Tubman twenty dollar bills.)
Have bill-stamping events at home: invite friends, or hold an event in a public venue or outdoor place, promote the event in advance on social media, have the rubber stamps ready for people to use to stamp their twenties. Set up a table weekly or monthly at a popular location for people to stamp their twenties with Harriet Tubman over Andrew Jackson. The stamp comes with 5 practice sheets for aligning the image accurately. It also includes a black ink pad
The rubber stamper is also available as an old style wooden rubber stamp with a separate black ink stamp pad for $25. See Item RS-HT-w/SP.

It is also available without the samp pad for $20. See Item RS-HT