Book: Rethinking Columbus

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First published in 1991, Rethinking Columbus has changed the way schools teach about the "discovery of America." This greatly expanded edition has more than 100 pages of new material, including handouts to conduct a classroom "Trial of Columbus" and other activities.

Praise for the book:
"The original edition made educational history by introducing a startling new view of Columbus In the revised edition we get even richer material, a marvelous compendium of history, literature, original sources, commentary an exciting treasure for teachers, students, and the general public." Howard Zinn, author A People's History of the United States "Our Creator gave each of us two ears. Thus we have the ability to listen to both sides. Since its first publication, Rethinking Columbus has been a valuable resource for librarians, teachers, and all those interested in using both of their ears to hear this complex story. The good news about the second edition is that it remains just as readable and interesting while adding much new material. This is truly a book that deserves (and needs) to be in every school library." Joseph Bruchac (Abenaki), editor of the Greenfield Review

After doing "The People vs. Columbus, et al." trial, "the physics teacher told me students were arguing in his classroom during lunch and he was about to break them up when he realized they were talking about the Columbus trial and who was to blame. This was the first time all school year he has heard students really talking about class content outside of class time. . . . I especially loved hearing the 'System of the Empire' groups present their arguments and then have other students question them." -- Barrie Moorman, 9th grade history teacher. Have you used the Columbus trial role play? It is in the book; a PDF of it can be downloaded via this interrnet link: