DVD: On A Paper Crane: Tomoko's Adventure

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The voices and soundtrack are in English by American actors. The music is poignant and uplifting. In a unique nationwide campaign to help raise awareness about the issue of global nuclear weapons proliferation among a new generation of young people, the film was paid for by the donations of thousands of Japanese citizens. The story does not seek to cast blame on the U.S., or take sides. In fact, it never even mentions who dropped the bomb; that is not the films point. It simply tells the story, based on the true story of a 2 year old girl named Sadako, who survived the bomb. It shows the viewer why the world needs to put a halt to nuclear proliferation, without being dogmatic, preachy, manipulative or condescending to its young audience. It is no less relevant today than when it was first released. This film is a poignant and eloquent reminder and a rare, unique teachinbg tool. 30 minutes. (1994) Viewer's Guide included. Grades 5-8. Recommended by national educators and parents organizations in Japan. a Donnelly/Colt exclusive - not available elsewhere in the U.S.