DVD: Pete Seeger - The Power of Song


a review from the Internet Movie Data Base: "...What a great documentary on a great man! What a chronicle of Seeger's journey in music and activism from playing and riding with Woody Guthrie to going overseas to getting married to singing first with the Almanac Singers and then The Weavers to getting blacklisted for his views on the public stage and network television to getting invited on the Smothers Brtothers TV show anmd being allowed to sing the anti-war song 'Waist-Deep In The Big Muddy" to having annual concerts on saving the Hudson River from pollution [Hudson River Clearwater Revival] to getting various awards late in his life (like the Presidential Medal of Honor in 1994 and the Kennedy Center Honors) to just enjoying life, this is one of the most life-affirming and enjoyable music documentaries I've ever seen."