Poster: How to Build Global Community


. . . Learn people's history • Re-define progress • Know physical and political geography • Play games from other cultures • Watch films with subtitles; Know your heritage • Honor everyone's holidays • Look at the moon and imagine someone else, somewhere else, looking at it too • Read the UN's Universal Declaration of Human Rights • Understand the global economy in terms of people, land and water • Know where your bank banks • Never believe you have a right to anyone else's resources • Refuse to wear corporate logos • defy corporate domination • Question military/corporate connections • Don't confuse money with wealth, or time with money • Have a pen/email pal • Honor indigenous cultures • Judge governance by how well it meets all people's needs • Be skeptical about what you read • Eat adventurously • Enjoy vegetables, beans and grains in your diet • Choose curiosity over certainty • Know wherer your water comes from and where your wastes go; Pledge allegiance to the earth: question nationalism; Think South, Central and North - there are many Americans; Assume that many others share your dreams • Know that no one is silent though many are not heard. Work to change this.