DVD: Crude Impact - It's worse than you think, but it's not too late

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Best Environmental Feature Film 3rd Annual Artivist Film Festival, Los Angeles
Grand Jury Prize - 2nd Annual Cinestrat Film Festival, Finestrat, Spain
Official Selection - Amsterdam International Documentary Film
Official Selection - Wild & Scenic Film Festival
In 1956 M. King Hubbert, a geologist at Shell Research Labs, shocked the oil industry by predicting that U.S. oil production would peak in the early 1970's and then irreversibly diminish. His prediction was vilified and largely ignored until it came true. How quickly will the global peak in oil occur and what are the implications for our way of life and our world?

Journeying from the West African delta region to the heart of the Amazon rainforest, from Washington to Shanghai, from early man to the unknown future, CRUDE IMPACT unravels the complex entanglement of our fierce devotion to oil with the fate of indigenous cultures, human rights, our global economy and the planet itself. Fueled by discovery, outrage, humor, and ultimately hope, the film offers an inspirational vision for change. "After watching so many films, I'm a tough audience and it is hard to find something new. This film was it. I thought it was as comprehensive as it was compelling." Adrienne Bramhall, Sierra Club Productions