DVD: The Forest For The Trees


Grand Prize - Green Film Fstivalk, Soeul
Silver Plaque - HUGO Television Awards, Chicago
Human Rights Watch International Film Festival, New York
Vermont Internation Film Festival
Mendocino Film Festival
Best Short Documentary - Brooklyn Arts Council
Best Documentary Short - Santa Cruz Film Festival
Best Student Film - Ashland Independent Film Festival
Best Documentary - Tiburon Film Festival
Aspiring Filmmaker Award - MountainFilm Festival
Planet In Focus - Toronto International Environmental Film Festival
Sonoma Valley Film Festival

"I was enormously moved. It is a powerful and elegant document, beautifully done. It brings Judi Bari and the movement to life, and does a superb job on the trial itself...[Dennis Ciunningham's] final statement to the jury was a model for such a thing warm, human, simple, persuasive. The film itself is so inspiring I hope it will be widely seen." - Howard Zinn, historian

"As current as today's headlines...Classes in social sciences can utilize 'The Forest For the Trees' as a case study for further examination of individual rights..." School Library Journal

"Oral history at its finest..." Willamette Week Online

"Recommended...Ms. Mellis presents a well-balanced piece showing both the side of the activists as well as the logging industry..." Ronald Saskowski Jr., Educational Media Reviews Online

"The Forest For The Trees is wondefully done: well-paced, thought-provoking and moving...a testament to perseverance and fighting the good fight." Jessica Cogan, Human Rights Watch International Film Festival

"At the heart of the film is Bari herself, a true folk hero with an electrifying on-screen presence." Sonoma Valley Film Festival program notes

"An engaging and highly personal tale...Bernadine Mellis tells Bari's story with what is clearly admiration. We see a brave woman whose dedication to the lives of trees inspired even loggers! The film's focus on Bari's court case brings together the often separate worlds of politics and environmental science...[this film] will serve as a starting point for discussions on how difficult it is to turn environmental awareness into political change. The film is full of information but also carries many questions. It is factual but it also moved me to tears, it made me angry, but in the end left me inspired...a powerful film about a powerful woman, hert dediucation to the environment, and her allegiance with dedicated lawyers who protected her rights. I will use this film in my science class and pass it on to my political science colleagues. It needs to get out there." Katherine Flynn, Biology Dept. & Environmental Studies Program, Adelphi University

"[the film] does a great job of portraying Judi's strength and conviction...I would highly recommend this film to anyone who cares about justice, the F.B.I.'s misdeeds, redwood forests, EarthFirst! and/or Judi Bari herself." Jim Flynn, EarthFirster and former editor, EarthFirst! Journal