Bumpersticker Display Sleeves - Pack of Ten


Simple and low maintenence solution to keeping stickers organized and prevent damage to them. At ten for $5.00 (minimum) they're an affordable and practical solution for retail sales display. Large enough to accommodate the largest size bumperstickers (3.75" x 15". They can be easily cut with scissors to a shorter length for the 3" x 11.5" and 3.75" x 7.5" sizes. We have to buy these 1,000 at a time. The distributors don't offer them in smaller quantities, but we do. We've never seen them sold in retail stores, either. You can put up to 25 of each sticker design into a sleeve, and put the sleeves into a box for easy browsing at events. For stickers that are not as tall as the 4" height (like the 3" x 11.5" or 2.75" x 15") you may also want to adjust the height of the sleeves, when they are filled with the stickers, by folding and taping the bottom excess portion of the sleeve behind onto itself.

• Better than using rubber bands, clasps or clips to group stickers together. The bands break; outdoors the stickers are exposed to spills, rain, dust and they can get bent, dog-eared and damaged.
• Far cheaper and easier than bringing a heavy, cumbersome display floor-stand or table-top spinner rack. With these sleeves, you just put the stickers into a shallow, open-top cardboard box. You don't need dividers between each sleeve. If you're the organized type, you can attach tabs on top of each sleeve with the name, code or number for the sticker in the sleeve. But that's not really necessary. People will thumb through each sleeve without damaging the stickers. It will also make re-stocking them easier. If you have plenty of tabletop space, you can set each sleeve out on the table, so all are in full view. This draws people to your table and can help increase sales. Or yoiu can put them in a wire taletoop book rack if you have one. A great source for U.S. made tabletop wire racks and postcard racks is www.utilitydisplays.com
• HERE'S A DISPLAY IDEA: You can put Velcro™ fasteners with self-stick backing on the back of the sleeves, and mount them on a larger rug-like fabruc surface to use as a self-service display system at retail booths. We use the strong binder clips (1" or 1.5" long) and twist-ties sold in stationery and/or hardware stores to hold the display up on a curtain, pole or vendor tent frame. Auto supply stores carry a 3' x 6' rolled-up rug-like material (made to use inside cars and vans) which the Velcro™ "hook" side attaches very well to. Hardware stores carry adhesive-backed rolls of Velcro™ 3.4" wide x 15 foot length, which you can cut into 180 - 1" lengths; enough to put two on the back of ninety sleeves. Made in U.S.A.