DVD: The Future of Food

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THE FUTURE OF FOOD offers an in-depth investigation into th disturbing truth behind the unlabeled, patented, genetically-engineered foods that have quietly filled grocery store shelves for the past decade. This film examines the complex web of market and political forces that are changing what we eat as huge mutinational corporations seek to control the world's food system. The film also explores alternatives to large-scale industrial agriculture, placing organic and sustainable agriculture as real solutions to the farm crisis today.
Special Features on Disc 2 include:

Farmers' Portraits
Community Supported Agriculture
Farmer's Markets
Seed Savng
Kids & Fresh Food - How School/Farm programsbring healthy food into scxhols
Michael lan on the cst if food
G.E.-free Recipes from a stellar cast f chefs, authors and food activists
Take Action Toolkit & web resources