Book/Poster: Lies My Teacher Told Me About Christopher Columbus

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"Absolutely indispensable for at least the next hundred years. This book is a real discovery and a real exploration." Ariel Dorfman, the Walter H. Page chair of Literature and Latin American Studies, Duke University

A graphic corrective to the Christopher Columbus story told in so many American classrooms. First published over 15 years ago and long out-of-print, the poster and accompanying paperback sum up the miss-tellings, and reveal the real story, of Columbus's role in the Americas by juxtaposing a range of high school textbooks currently in use today with excerpts from primary sources. It shows clearly how textbooks have "lied" by knowingly substituting crowd-pleasing myths for the grim and gruesome historical evidence.

In fact, these textbooks intentionally omitted every important detail that we do know about Columbus's fateful voyage to the Americas. With deeply engaging prose, Loewen expands on these little-discussed facts, putting them in the larger context of a discussion of "truth" and revisionist history. Concise and accessible, this is a must-have for students, teachers and enthusiasts of history alike. Teachers can use it annually during their unit on Columbus.

James Loewen is a bestselling author and regular contributor to the History Channel magazine. He's professor emeritus of sociology at the University of Vermont.
"A perfect antidote for the nonsense about Columbus conveyed to our children for generations." Howard Zinn, author: "A People's History of the United States"