Book: Dark Ages America: The Final Phase of Empire

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"An immensely courageous and powerfully insightful reflection on American history and current prospects." ? Douglas R> Weiner, University of Arizona

"A resouding ... indictment of all that is wrong with American culture, from arogance to xenophobia and all points between...Berman fires with bth barrels at a culture that, he argues, is rapidly slipping into 'second- or third-rate status' as an international power." - Kirkus Reviews

"Berman has put together the most comprehensive critique of how far out on the precipice we stand that I have yet seen...He is relentless in his analysis and we ignore what he writes at our own peril... Brman;s bo draws on commentaries from left and rght to instruct us on survivig the fall." Lloyd Gaqrdner, research professor, Rutgers University

"Morris Berman makes a compelling case, at once learned, passionate and sensible, that the United States is a civilization in crisis, and that it may well lack the ability to face it. Bringing his deep knowledge of social and cultural history to bear, Berman shows the 'shadow' side of America's promise of individualism and reliance on the market and technology pervasive deficit of empathy and caring for others and for the public good has profound implications for its decline as a nation, as well as its reckless militarism abroad. Anyone who wants unsparing truth rather tha comforting nostrums must read Dark Ages America. " Gareth Porter, author of "Perils of Dominance: Imbalance of Power and the Road to War in Vietnam"