L.E.D. Peace Sign Light


This indoor/outdoor light was designed in Brooklyn, N.Y. in 2008. Not sold in stores or mail order catalogues.
It also can be powered by an optional battery pack (for use at vigils, outdoor night events away from an A.C. electric outlet . The battery pack (order seperately) uses two standard 9-volt batteries.
To create a color other than white, just cut a 13.5" diameter circle out of colored theatrical lighting gel material and tape it on to the front of the peace sign light using plastic electrical tape . Thie transparency material comes in 21" x 24" sheets for $6.25 per sheet. The Roscolux™ brand offers a "Storaro Green" color that looks good. There are scores of different colors available. Order sheets of the colored gel filters direct from www.stagespot.com, phone (800) 567-8243. They have offices in New York City and Austin, TX.