Book: This Changes Everything: Occupy Wall Street and the 99% Movement


"This book is a quick and easy read on both the Occupy movement and the issues behind it. It has the feel of direct reporting from The Front or a collection of primary source materials that can be useful in framing one's own analysis. Getting a peek into the organizing tactics behind this apparently "leaderless" (or "leaderful") movement is part of the appeal. I look forward to watching the continued evolution of the Occupy movement. This revolution WILL be televised -- via the internet. Stay tuned at [...] "
Jill Bamburg

"This is "go to" material in developing an understanding of the history of OCCUPY and how it has empowered the 99% who have been and are being robbed of their power. Beginning on page 36, the 'Declaration of the Occupation of New York City: in their own words, why protesters are occupying Wall Street' is a partial list of the grievances expressed by 99%ers who have been and continue to be wronged/cheated by the corporate forces of the world. The world is rapidly changing in response to the injustice perpetuated by Wall Street and giant corporations. This little book addresses the lies and injustice, the fraud and manipulation by the 1%; as it introduces OCCUPY and the awakening 99% who are now naming names, pushing back, speaking out and organizing toward a society that works for all, not just the 1%." Nancy Jarmin

"Readers with a working knowledge of YES magazine -- a highly respected, progressive magazine -- already know that "slick" and "opportunistic" never describe YES publications and projects. I'm speaking to potential readers who might hesitate to buy a copy of the book (all profits donated to the Occupy movement)... As a former senior editor for the magazine, I had ample opportunity to see how YES operates. Try "embodying the highest ethical standards." Try "every word weighed for fairness and accuracy." Try "content informed by intelligence and pragmatism."
"This Changes Everything" neither promotes itself as world-changing nor projects a rosy future. What it does do is offer a fine overview of the beginning and early development of the Occupy movement. The book includes first-hand accounts from the Occupy sites and essays that analyze the movement from different points of view, resisting the temptation to neatly wrap the whole in a palatable, spuriously coherent package. The conscious decision to choose inclusivity over slickness honors the inclusive, grassroots nature of the movement. It means that "This Changes Everything" is, itself, imbued with the spirit of the Occupy movement.
And that, as much as anything, makes this an important book."
Dee Axelrod

Here are ten ways that the Occupy movement has begun changing everything. Each of these points is elaborated on in the book:
1. It names the source of the crisis.
2. It provides a clear vision of the world we want.
3. It sets a new standard for public debate.
4. It presents a new narrative.
5. It creates a big tent.
6. It offers everyone a chance to create change.
7. It is a movement, not a list of demands.
8. It combines the local and the global.
9. It offers an ethic and practice of deep democracy and community.
10. We have reclaimed our power.