Book: The Progressive's Guide to Raising Hell

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Jamie Court’s Five Steps For Creating Change: Expose: Exposing new information about opponents—facts that conflict with the image they put forth in public—shows how out of touch with public opinion they are. Confront: Confronting our opponents on the battleground of our values creates a debate, an unfolding drama, over popular values through which a campaign can be won. Wait for the mistake: The goal of all advocacy is to force our opponents’ mistakes, which gives us the ability to shame our opponents and force them to either do what we want or lose more power. Make the mistakes the issue: If your opponent is ashamed or sorry, he will adopt your proposals or negotiate in good faith. If not, repeat steps 1–3 to force more mistakes and gain more leverage. Don’t let go: Persistence often turns up the key lead, connection or exposure that tips the campaign your way: keep your teeth in their tail until they agree to your terms.